Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Company Christmas Party

Blogging is on hold for the Company Christmas party tonight...I should be there for Keevin...
Although, who am I kidding, I declined the invitation due to my poor health - I'm trying to get over something and I need my strength for this busy week of holiday sales. Harrison and I are getting old you know.
I was complaining that I don't even have time for Christmas cards and my friend Keevin - one of the owners... said I should stop blogging all the time and get them done. (He's such a dad!) I protested, "How can I let my public down at Christmas time? My blog has to be my Christmas card to the world." (That was said in jest.)
Nevertheless, I really can't bring myself to do cards yet. So what would be wrong with sending them out for the octave of Christmas? In modern times, all the focus is on the days leading up to and including Christmas day - then it's over. Many people even take their trees down on the day after Christmas. What's that all about?
Indeed, so often people get depressed after Christmas, it's a huge let down for them. The days prior to Christmas are filled with celebrations and parties, shopping, baking, decorating, wrapping, and cards. Those cards! Expectations are high - call it anxiety, until the actual feast of the Nativity. I have to wonder if most people's expectations are really focused upon the meaning of the Nativity? I don't see how it can be with all the distractions leading up to it, along with all the obligations.
Christmas wasn't even a major feast in the Church until about the 3rd or 4th century. Easter was always the great feast of Christianity. Of course the celebration of Christmas developed over the centuries, yet the exaggerated celebration of the holiday really accelerated from Queen Victoria's time to the present, where it has now become rather insane. What with the orgy of gift giving, commercialism, and excess, not to mention all of those parties. Not that anything is wrong with that.
I have to admit, it's a fun time of year, to be sure. Perhaps if I wasn't in retail...
Anyway - I think I'll do my cards on Christmas day, that way, they'll get to my loved ones during the 12 days of Christmas, instead of the last week of Advent.

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  1. Good plan. Hey, is that Metropolitan?


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