Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Spirit...

The very best! A painting by Wm. Holbrook Beard, "Santa Claus". It is the best depiction of Santa I've ever seen, and coincides perfectly with my image of him.
I was 'infected' by the Christmas Spirit today. I gave in! I even sent out some cards. I went on a buying rampage as well.
I love buying the unexpected for the unsuspecting.
I was so outdone however, by a poor old lady who came into our Store. She wanted to explain that a gift certificate for $150- that she had won at one of those parish deals - she in turn likewise donated her 'gift' to the Church wherein she had won it. She continued to explain how she supplemented the re-gift with a blank check to add on any extra expenditure, should they need it. She was so humble about the matter and wanted to tell the manager because she was afraid we may question the transaction when it occurs. It wasn't easy, for the poor woman was embarrassed to have to confide all of this to me in the first place.
There are many little saints among us, in our parishes, and neighborhoods...very simple, little souls. These are the ones the Lord approves of, the humble and afflicted. I had the feeling I had met the poor widow from the Gospel, "who gave all she had" in the Temple coffers.
What did our Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta say? "Give until it hurts." Or something like that. "O! Sweet cautery!" as my John of the Cross would exclaim.
I love Christmas!


  1. Ho! ho! ho!

    Was going to email you, but will ask here...

    I linked a product from Leaflet on my site - is that ok? I'll remove it if there's a problem.

    It's so funny, because that's how I found you - through Leaflet. (which I've had linked forever - this is their second!)

    Let me know...

  2. Rhapsody - whatever you do is okay:)

  3. Thank you:)


  4. Terry: Bless that Ladies heart!


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