Saturday, December 02, 2006

Charlie de Foucauld

"Nasty Boys!" (Janet Jackson)

This guy was a brat! He was a spoiled, fat, rich boy, who got himself into trouble in the military, while he enjoyed a live-in mistress. How French - huh?

Through the influence of his angelic cousin, Marie de Bondy and her friend, Abbe Huevelin, he gave up his indifference to the Catholic Church, as well as his immoral and frivolous life. He entered the Trappists of Our Lady of the Snow, taking the name Marie Alberic - a pen name I once used as well.

His restless spirit and desire to imitate the poverty and hidden life of Nazareth, led him to leave the cozy security of the Abbey. He went to Jerusalem and worked as a gardener for a monastery of Poor Clares. The Abbess, Mother Elizabeth, a rather persuasive figure - stay away from domineering nuns - convinced him to become a priest.

He returned to la Trappe and was ordained, making his novitiate for his new religious order while there. He found his way to Algeria, the only member of the religious order he intended to found, to live among the Tuareg as a hermit. He was later killed by Islamic rebels, the Eucharist he had been adoring, thrown in the desert sand. This happened on December 1, 1906, I believe. After he was beatified a couple of years ago, his feast was set for December 2 - today!

(Forgive me for lack of dates, etc. - I wrote from memory; and blogger still will not permit me to post pics! I'm a visual artist! How can I exist without visuals?)


  1. Ciao! I knew you would put something about up Brother Charles. I posted on Brother Charles yesterday! His date of death: 1 December 1916.

  2. It is interesting how many 20th Century Saints were canonized because of their personal sanctity and not because a great resume' and of numerous signs and wonders they performed during their earthly life.

    In fact, many of the resume's, detailing checkered lifestyles, probably wouldn't have passed the muster of most Human Resource Departments today.

    I presume that is evidence that we are all called to be Saints; and with God's help, it is possible.

  3. And I SO miss your incomparable images!

  4. Ray - you are a saint - when you were in the Store that day - I saw yor halo! I can't wait to meet Adoro, Cathy - to see theirs!
    Don Marco doesn't even have to show up for me to see his halo - or Rhapsody for that matter.

  5. Thanks Don Marco for the correct date of death.


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