Sunday, December 03, 2006

All Righty Then....................

Pictured, Castro Street; "Happy Holigayze!" -is that Patrick in the middle? (And this is normal?)
Nurse Questions Why Homosexuality Not Considered Disorder on Basis of Medical Consequences?

By Steve JalsevacDecember 1, 2006 ( - Kathleen Melonakos, M.A., R.N., is a nurse and a representative of the Delaware Family Foundation. Melonakos says that while she worked as an RN for several years during the eighties and nineties at Stanford University Medical Center, she "saw some of the damage homosexuals do to their bodies with some of their sexual practices."

The experiences of the unnecessary suffering that Melonakos saw eventually led to her current role of informing the public about the serious medical issues related to homosexual practices. She also exposes the tragic unwillingness of the medical community to admit the truth about the death and sufferings experienced by persons who engage in those practices. In her article, "Why Isn't Homosexuality Considered A Disorder On The Basis Of Its Medical Consequences?", republished in full on, Melonakos bluntly, but also compassionately addresses this issue that has become so important to her.

The former San Francisco nurse writes that she "knew personally a prominent dermatologist, a dentist, an engineer, and a hairdresser that died in their mid-forties of infectious diseases related to their homosexual behaviour patterns". LifeSite News

Now that's a good report - with a lot of basis! I smell a reality TV show here! NOT! Do you think anyone will listen to her? NOT!

What about the "Prozac Gay-Nation"? I know, and know of, very few homosexuals who are not on some form of anti-depressant or Valium and it's sisters, or at the very least, some sleep inducing meds, as well as quite a few alcoholics in the bunch - I worked with them, and friends of friends, you know. (The recovered ones are usually on the meds - although, some like both - no wonder it's called "gay".) So what about the mental health issues? Oh, that's right, it's neither a neurosis or a disorder.
All righty then!
[Thus ends sweeps week on Abbey-Roads! No one came. Maybe I should just write reviews of WDTPRS?]


  1. omigosh!

    Your press agent just woke up!

  2. Terry: I was with you though I don't always comment. I'm sorry I didn't since you appear to be bummin'.

  3. Sorry I missed sweeps week! I think!

    Isn't it the proctologists who are kept working overtime by the gay community, exhuming various items from various orifices?

    Do we all pay extra on our medical insurance so those kinds of operations get covered?

  4. I feel very dumb, Terry, but will someone please tell me what "sweeps week" means? I am clueless. Is it
    A. A week during which one sweeps and sweeps as in "with a broom"?
    B. A week during which one practices sweeping into a room like Scarlett O'Hara in "Gone With the Wind"?
    C. A week during which the ladies are invited to wear their hair in "sweeps" like Dame Edna?
    D. A week during which one contributes to the local chapter of the Chimney Sweeps Benevolent Association?
    E. A week during which one attempts to sweep others off their feet with God knows what kind of flattery?
    F. A week during which one sweeps away the proverbial dirt that one has swept under under one's proverbial rug?
    G. A week during which one tries to make sweeping generalizations in every conversation as in "All bloggers know the meaning of sweeps week"?

  5. Don Marco - Don't feel dumb - no one gets my jokes.
    Sweeps Week is a term used in radio and TV when programs are rated for viewers, popularity, etc.
    Talk shows will have hot topics, celebrity guests, etc. Series TV shows will feature guest stars or something controversial to get more viewers. They pull out all the stops, in other words.
    So I was more or less joking becaus some of the things I posted were controversial - or aat least I thought they would be.
    Anyway - I read your blog and many others, and rarely comment. I know people read this blog - even some in high places - which could be why few leave comments.
    I just did an interview about it for a local paper - and hopefully - I will not get bad press.
    Nevertheless, I was having fun with the sweeps week idea.
    I'll go back to my stodgy posts, such as why I think the Iraq war is a travesty of justice, and whether or not Hilary Clinton really is a dyke, or are the Bishops in NCCB just a secular-style board of directors or what, and other non-controversial topics.

  6. Terry: What interview for what paper? Tell, tell..

  7. Cathy - I shouldn't - I can't. It was just about blogging, not any specific blog. It's just a very small local paper - not the big guys - and I don't thnk they will use very much. It should be out next week - it's a weekly paper - kinda Catholic - but I can't say more.

  8. Terry: I saw your comment over at Ray's blog. If anyone comes to Leaflet with pitchforks and torches looking for you, let me know. I'll come to your defense.


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