Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Back to gossip...

Pictured, "Man with his head in the sand"...a common disorder many bloggers attempt to help other people with.
Did you get a chance to read Eric Scheske's piece in the National Catholic Register on gossip in the blogosphere? Now this is an excellent article on the subject, and he's a good writer to boot, in fact that's a good Catholic newspaper isn't it. That's the Catholic spirit Eric!
"Why are rumors a natural part of the blogging media? They lack the rigors of doing real research and verification. On more than one occasion, a reader of my blog has written to me, stating that my facts weren’t quite right. I respond unapologetically: “Yup, my facts may have been inaccurate. It’s just a blog. I link to my source and let my readers make up their minds.”

Don’t get me wrong. I try to present accurate facts. I never re-produce something that I know is wrong and I often check and verify my facts. Just last month, for instance, I started to refer to Jacques Maritain as a convert to the Catholic faith from Judaism. Something told me to look that up and, indeed, I was wrong. Maritain was raised Protestant." Eric Scheske
Yup. I think I pretty much said as much in my own interview with a local Catholic newspaper whose bosses seem to dislike bloggers.
Happy Misrule!
"Eat Sand!" - Jon Lovitz for the Spirit.


  1. Terry: All that's missing from that photo is a well placed foot.

  2. Blog people and emailers and phoners:

    Something is wrong with my email and my phone - nothing comes through! And I can't get out. I think I need the "clapper"!

  3. Sent you an email sometime yesterday...

    well, at least you can post.


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