Sunday, December 31, 2006


and Moonstruck
One of my all time favorite movies - the last one I liked Nick Cage in - never forgave him for marrying Elvis' daughter.
Anyway - the Italian family in that movie was so like my neighborhood and my best friend's families - especially Linda's. Cher's character looks so much like my ex-sister-in-law, which I forgive Cher for - But Judy, honey, get a new look for heaven's sake!
I grew up in the Italian neighborhood on the East Side of St. Paul, Minnesota. It was in the "last days of little Pompeii" - before most of the old timers died and the kids got married and moved to the suburbs. Yes - it was like Moonstruck, as was the North End in Boston when I lived there in the '70's.
Over the years, none of my ritzy friends understood Asti Spumante. It's a beverage frowned upon in the elite tasty circles - especially when you put a lump of sugar in it. (You really only have to do that with the cheap stuff, it prevents acid reflux.) Yet it is so Italian-American, as Cher demonstrated in the movie.
Oh! I miss the days and nights and holidays in Linda's kitchen with everyone talking over each other! The Morelli's, the Rulli's, the Yarusso's, the Raiolla's, the Cocchiarella's, the D'amico's, the Farese's, the Corbo's - well maybe not them. Auld Lang Syne! Now isn't that what New Year's is all about?
(Looks like Ray isn't the only one with nothing to do on New Years - "Agnes - where the hell is that Asti?" She's already had too much catnip!)


  1. Nicolas Cage played a guy I know in the WTC movie - he did a very good job...

    isn't he related to Franco Zefferelli?

  2. He's actually related to the guy that did that Vietnam movie - the name escapes me now.
    I do really like Cage though.

  3. moonstruck is indeed that rare breed of movie in which it's actually fun to watch Nicolas Cage .. i also liked him quite a bit in this year's "World Trade Center," but he's usually just way too over the top for me

  4. Just thought I'd drop a comment so you could look at the name and feel more at home. (My dad grew up on Clear St.)


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