Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Another 'live' stream of consciousness...

I kinda like these posts - now this is where the blog got it's start - web-logs - like a journal.

I'm off work today - you see, I always work Saturdays, and if everything is well staffed, I take a day off mid week. I also have to go back to the doctor. It's funny how I used to go with the littlest sniffle, and now when I have serious problems I don't want to go. It's not denial, it's just that I'm cheap - there is a copay for everything, and going to see him takes longer now as well. I also hate all of the tests. When I tell the Dr., "Trust me, I'm dying! It's just taking a long time". He wants to put me on anti-depressants or have me undergo something that will take care of this or that. I don't like surgeries and all that stuff.

Can't people just get old and die? I don't understand wanting to live so long. TV is getting worse, as is music - although I do like Mary J. Blige. Some movies are still good - Christopher Guest never misses. I wonder about "Dream Girls" though - who can replace Jennifer Holiday's "And I'm Tellin' You, I'm not Going!" When I listen to "Say You Love Me" I keep saying, "Jesus I Love You!" and I think He says it back. I'm an old schlemiel, aren't I?

A sort of conversation arose yesterday regarding web-logs and sins against the 8th commandment. The inquirer was asking if I run into lies and dissimulation when reading other blogs. It seemed to me he was of the mindset that bloggers either make stuff up, or spread gossip and rumors and innuendo to attack or defame someone else.

In my posts, I'm so honest that I often get people angry with me - or make a fool of myself. I have never come across a Catholic blogger who writes anything but the truth, albeit, highly editorialized with their take on any given subject.

In fact, most bloggers blog because they feel they have something to say or address regarding the issues of the day. Contrary to any dishonesty, bloggers blog to present the facts behind the propaganda and dissimulation of ordinary media. Bloggers usually cover what mainstream media ignores or distorts according to their particular agenda. Catholic bloggers in particular seem to be the most honest writers in media, as well as defenders of truth. For anyone to lie or make things up would be a ghastly betrayal of self.

To be sure, 'shoot from the hip' types such as myself, may post something they either misunderstood or have not been well informed about. (I really have begun to check and re-check my facts, and do not post precipitously any longer, and if I do something late at night when my judgement is clouded perhaps - it's down the next morning.) Blogging has built in censors if you will. The people who comment. If something is off in a post - someone is going to tell you. And most bloggers step right up to the plate to clarify something, or retract it if need be. I think bloggers are the most honest people one can encounter in any form of conversation.

Nevertheless, then there are the "whack jobs" bloggers way out there with questionable views - but who reads them? There are the gossip mongers as well, or those who see the enemy everywhere and are hell bent to expose him. Some sedevacantists are like that. I get a newsletter via email from one such group, decrying B16 praying in a mosque, or the ongoing sinister conspiracy to destroy the traditional Latin rite. Yet not even these people are lying. Misinformed to be sure. Paranoid maybe. But they are sincere and passionate - and not always off the mark.

I think I blog because I want to understand. I want to flesh out why things are unfolding as they are in our day and age. Like the gay thing. Why are people gay? Why have some priests been such perverts? Why are some Catholics into the new age? Why is the liturgy such a mess? Why do people think they are having visions and revelations? Why is the Church more like a mega-corporation these days? Why are parishes overstaffed with professionals getting high salaries and excellent benefits? Why are we in a war? Kind of like Marvin Gaye's song, "What's Goin' On?"

So I come up with my informed analysis of things - as I understand it - because I'm not so dumb as my jokes. Blogging, at least for me, is all about truth. And sometimes I'm just way too honest. That's because I came from parents who were deeply dishonest - so I'm always honest to a fault. Even when I employ jocose lies for humor - I'm telling a truth in a funny way - although, some people don't get my humor.

In the end, blogs give the ordinary person a voice, and others who are listening for something authentic may hear them, and someone else will hear, and someone else. Maybe, just maybe, the principals will hear it as well, and get it together. Maybe.

(I cannot load photos again. Blogger is a free service so I cannot complain...I shouldn't complain...I won't complain...nope...you will not hear a complaint out of me!)

(I also added a counter today - but I don't know if I installed it correctly - now this will be embarrassing - it will prove if anyone visits at all. I'll have to ask Rhapsody if I did it correctly - she had this counter on her space.)


  1. Where have I read all that before? Why in St Blog's very orthodox Parish, of course!

    Where nary a discouraging word is heard and JW's and Mormons are treated with the utmost of respect.

    Did your correspondent ask you about all the juicy bits to be found in the emails between bloggers?

    [Now, for some reason, Blogger is recognizing me. This morning, I was a perfect stranger as far as he was concerned. Maybe it was before I showered].

    [Take two]

  2. I thought I was being an original with my thoughts.

  3. Terry: We have something in common. I'm dying too.

    Great post.

    One of the (many) reasons I blog is because I think people want to listen to ME, ME, ME. How brutally honest is that shot of arrogance?

  4. There are eight visitors here as we speak:)

    The thing I've discovered about blogging, for me anyway, is that writing isn't easy.

    You do not have that problem- your posts are always presented in that interesting & funny way that is original & unique unto you...

    Thank God:)

  5. PS

    I forgot to mention- your counter looks really neat! I think you have one of the newer versions- I've only had mine for a couple of weeks, & as soon as I installed it they came out with different ones.

    I like the one you picked- if you find that you want to change your options, sign in, go to edit settings, mess with the options, hit save, & voila!

    Write to, "Ask rhapsody" if you have any further questions. :)

  6. I like your counter. I am your first hit from INDIA (where I currently live). I am also one of your hits that says "Germany". For some WEIRD reason when I blogsurf on AOL, I give off German vibes lately. (Previously it was Japanese.)AOL seems to act like a proxy.

    When I noticed your cool counter I signed back in on Internet Explorer which I knew would give you my correct IP location and you would have another new country on your list! :)


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