Sunday, November 19, 2006

A time, unsurpassed in distress...

And Penitent Blogger subtitles his post on today's Gospel with the best one-liner ever - "No, it's not the family gathering at Thanksgiving!" I did indeed laugh out loud - see, he knows too! Otherwise his post is another excellent commentary on today's readings from Mass.

Pictured is "Serial Mom" and her family. My mom was kind of a cross between Kathleen Turner's character and Faye Dunaway's "Mommie Dearest"- with an aspect of Bette Davis - from just about any of her films - thrown in. (And "The spy down the hall" doesn't think I'm funny!)

My sweet nephew posted a comment on my earlier "Holiday Fears" post. I have to be careful on what I post, I wasn't aware the family is reading. Fortunately I have my secret blog to bare all of my skeletons. Seriously, I have to be careful on how I say things lest they think they are the problem - so I protest in advance, "It' me! It's me! I'm the crazy one!"

My nephew Todd and his wife Carrie signed the post with their son's name, Jackson, along with the dog and cat names of the "other kids" in their family. I want to give them all a big hug - they are just so cool! My sister has a large family, and they really are wonderful - she is actually normal, as is her family. My nieces and nephews are each other's best friends - and they so love their mom. I do too.

(Pictured here,
Bette Davis in
"The Anniversary"
- "Hi mom!")

Conscience: "So why don't you visit them?"

Me: "Shut up!"

Conscience: "What?"

Me: "Well, I took care of that!"

Conscience Again: "But, I- - -"

Me: "Don't start with me b*@ch!"

Happy Holidays! :)


  1. Don't take it personally, Conscience...

    *gobble! gobble!

  2. someone who knows you:)8:11 PM

    Your mom is pretty with that eye patch.


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