Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Talking Jesus Dolls

I hate crap like this. Kitsch!
When I was little I loved beautiful statues and devotional pictures - I would have hated a cartoon Jesus.
At my company we sell another Rabbi-looking 'Loving Jesus' doll - he doesn't talk, but he is just as creepy. It sells like crazy. It is so Protestant. There is just no accounting for taste.
The news of late is that the Marines have rejected the Jesus doll as a donation for Toys for Tots. It isn't a question of taste - they said it's just that some kids may not celebrate Christmas. So why give them anything? I thought the whole Toys for Tots thing was to give poor kids Christmas presents they would otherwise not get.
I don't think it's such a big deal however. So they rejected it - it's religious - who cares? It's ugly and I wouldn't want my little boy getting a doll, unless it's some cool action figure. Nevertheless, I don't like the idea of Jesus being a doll. I can't stand the Jesus playing baseball pictures or him playing sports figures either. It's tacky - just like the laughing Jesus 'art'.
The entire controversy is because Toys for Tots rejected a Christian symbol. They can do that. Just as people do not have to say "Merry Christmas" - "Happy Holidays" works for me. Many people celebrate Christmas simply as a holiday anyway - it's a time for parties and lavish gift giving amidst sometimes excruciatingly painful family reunions, exhausting to the point most forget it is the Nativity of Our Lord. I don't know if Christians can force the issue down the throats of secularized society.
Although, I remain a firm believer that freedom of religion must be protected and public displays of the Nativity should be protected by the Constitution. (Although they're so often badly done.) Since this freedom has been suppressed in many cases, I imagine that is why everyone gets so stirred up about this Jesus doll thing. Choose your battles folks. (And remember, we still have a Madonna Christmas stamp - that says something about our Country.)
I'd rather protest making Jesus a toy.


  1. little freak11:08 AM

    The one on the left looks like you

  2. Just for that - when you have kids - they are so getting things like this stuff!

  3. little freak2:31 PM

    good...then they will have a bunch of dolls that look like you!


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