Friday, November 03, 2006

Political Ads

And "Negative Culture".

Pictured, Botticelli "Calumny".

Calumny, detraction, gossip, contempt...they're kind of negative - the political ads, that is. On both sides - 91% of the political ads for the 2006 elections are negative - throughout the entire Nation.

I think the current political ads mirror the culture. I know they mirror the culture in my workplace. Calumny, detraction, gossip,'s kind of negative. I don't think it's unusual in any workplace.

Lately, I'm not liking many people when they show me their true face.


  1. There oughtta be a law when it comes to political ads- & debates...

    No "speck-removal"- or you get fined.

    Tell me how wonderful you are, or how wonderful you think you are... but don't bother telling me what's wrong with the other guy- & three strikes & yer out.

    & you are so right when you say politics reflects our current culture, & that all workplaces are sadly alike in the negative. However, we should know & expect this... & know how to counter it by now. It's a daily, repetitive thing- dodging & parrying & countering the negative...

    without trying to speck-remove.

  2. Rhapsody - Such wisdom. Thanks for the good advice!

  3. Anonymous11:47 PM

    At your place of work...NO ONE shows their true face. Do you?


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