Monday, November 06, 2006

Pastor Haggard

Media Fool.

Ted Haggard finally confessed that the allegations were true. It seems he has carried on a life long struggle with homosexual tendencies. Radio and TV comedians are mocking him because of his stand against same sex marriage. Many seem to be happy about his fall from grace.

I have tremendous respect for his coming to grips with this problem. He more or less thanked his accuser for exposing him as a liar and deceiver. This is a time of great grace for this man. I admire his public confession, devoid of theatrics, as well as his Church's immediate acknowledgement and public statements regarding this man's unfortunate circumstances.

As a religious man, he obviously struggled with the temptations of homosexuality, and failed at times. I do not think he is a hypocrite. A hypocrite is someone who lives a double life, willingly, with the intention to deceive. I believe Haggard struggled with sin, falling and rising, with sincere efforts to sin no more. What makes me think that? Because he so honestly confessed his guilt, albeit after a couple of days. The hypocrite would continue to lie and cover up the truth. He obviously loves his wife and family and was intent upon living a well ordered life. Again, his stand against same-sex marriage is not invalidated by his sins. He has proven his belief by trying to live his vocation as a husband and father. His efforts are the makings of heroic virtue.

The man sinned. God in His mercy has allowed this to be brought out into the public arena, I'm convinced good will come from it. Remember how St. John of the Cross warned against esteeming any man for his piety, "For the Devil will show you his faults." Pastor Haggard has humbly bowed down under God's mighty hand, he needs our prayers.

I question if perhaps his homosexuality may be considered purely episodic, which seems likely since his basic orientation is heterosexual. However, there also seems to be evidence it is compulsive and symptomatic, perhaps a means to sexually resolve conflict in his life. It may have it's basis in some form of abuse or degradation in his youth, or something else that affected his sexual maturity. Being good looking never helps, as an element of narcissism often enters in. In my opinion, I suspect his condition is probably a combination of both criteria, episodic homosexuality complicated by compulsive and symptomatic homosexuality. I hope he deals with these questions and presents himself later to help other persons suffering from same-sex attraction.

Perhaps, like St. Peter, once he has recovered, he may help his brothers more powerfully than before. Ted Haggard is not the only married man who struggles with these temptations - the gay community would have men like Haggard leave their wives and embrace the gay lifestyle - that would be seriously wrong.

Ted Haggard and his family need our prayers.


  1. As a fellow Christian, here are my thoughts on the Ted Haggard story. I think there is a lesson to be taken by all...

  2. Meanwhile, Mark Foley has no comment.

  3. Thank you. This is a wonderfully written post, and I thank you also for not only your discretion on the topic, but the very mercy you express.

    One thing that came to my mind in the last few days is that the evil one goes after those who stand against Ted Haggerd stood not only against the devil, but against himself and his own sinful tendencies. If he were an average man, this would not be news...but no, he is a televangelist. Thus he seems to have much further to fall. He has fallen no further than any one of us when we lose a battle in this spiritual war we all fight.

    But the Lord is faithful, the Lord recognizes the afflicted and he loves us all that much more when we are in the depths of our "illnesses". I will keep this man in my prayers and wait for God's glory to shine through him as he rises beyond this mess.

    We all sin. Every single one of us...most of us are just very very grateful that our sins are not made so public and open to scrutiny and derision.


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