Thursday, November 30, 2006

Oy! What a day I've had today!

From a Roman priest's webpage...

"Today I started early, as most days,
it was rather long.
I was at it by 06:30.
After Mass, office, scanning news,
catching up on the Pope in Turkey;
lunch with a friend - a fellow staff member.
I have been on the fly
until meeting some folks for supper...
mercifully at a place near where I live.
It is nearly 1AM now."

He continues with a mention of what he ate and the wonderful restaurant - with a recommendation to drop his name if you ever visit there. Then there are pictures of his lunch, and of his work, and several other posts for today's news. That is a busy day!
Sweet life! :)


  1. Anonymous7:56 PM

    the envy of every parish priest with a real job!

  2. an admirer8:58 PM


  3. Father10:04 PM

    That would be a day off for me.

  4. ray from mn10:39 AM

    Just what is his job? Does anybody know? He is incardinated in a Roman diocese.

    But he doesn't have a parish. He doesn't work for the Vatican. He does do some work on a web Q&A "Ask Father."

    He's fluent in probably four or more languages.

    He's a good cook!

    And most importantly, why does it take me two or three tries every time I am asked to use Blogger's "word verification?"

    I can type accurately 60 words a minute. I should be able to type five letters correctly.


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