Friday, November 17, 2006

NCCB and Burke

Archbishop Burke, St. Louis, MO
He was once a Bishop in this area. Tonight I watched EWTN News coverage of his speeches at the USCCB Conference. He was actually cut off at one point when he exceeded his 5 minute chance to speak. (They're kinda strict when they want to be - the Bishops that is.)
He spoke very well.
I remember when he was in our locality as a Bishop, some zealot went to the Vatican to protest his allowing a transsexual to become a nun. Minor local scandal.
I don't really even know if Burke was aware of the person's sexual condition. The poor woman is doing what now? I have no idea.
Burke strikes me as an extremely compassionate and orthodox prelate, concerned for the salvation of souls. He perhaps thought this transsexual person was not unlike early Desert Father stories of women who impersonated as men to live the ascetic life. I'm certain there were pastoral provisions in his handling of this woman's case. He is a good shepherd.
When he spoke at the conference, he seemed nervous, yet resolute. I was impressed with his courage. He is a good pastor.
Sometimes the inquisitors seem to demonstrate a lack of pastoral prudence. They often remind me of the people who participated in the Salem witch hunt a couple of centuries ago. I'm happy for them that they are so orthodox and holy, not like other men - or women. They must be very happy with themselves.


  1. I watched it too, Terry. It was all so desolate, resembling any other bureaucracy of the world. Yes, Archbishop Burke was impressive. So too were Bishop Vigneron and Bishop Bruskewitz, the former concerning liturgical texts and the latter quoting Card. Ratzinger concerning national episcopal conferences. I rather think that the whole USCCB should be dismantled. The occasional synod or national council, yes, but a permanent bureaucracy perpetuating itself, no.

  2. I so agree! The bureaucracy is very troubling.
    What struck me is all of this carrying on about liturgy - why on eaarth did they let it get so bad in the first place? Can you even imagine this would have happened before Vatican II? What on earth have they permitted and continue to permit with the most sacred function of the Church?
    Many of the Bishops fancy themselves as CEO's and don't have a clue about their faithful.


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