Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My Hare

This isn't her, but I have one just like her who sits all day long outside my door in the garden. She's really cute. She must be watching her nest. I allow the rabbits to live in my yard. It's very safe since it is tightly hedged, with an added barrier of ivy covered fence.
I wondered if rabbits reproduce even during the winter months, as this seems rather late in the season to have babies. I then reasoned that they must be destined to be food for another predator to get through the winter. I hope it's not one of those murderous, well fed, house cats who prowl about. They kill for sport. Kind of like people who hunt.
My cats are indoor cats. When they go out they remain in the enclosure. They just watch the rabbits, although sometimes Agnes likes to chase them.


  1. Dear Mr. "Ask Terry,"

    Do you think you're going to check your email tonight?



    Cute bunny!

  2. I hunt. But, not solely for sport-also for food. I don't hunt anything I won't eat.

  3. Spy in the hall12:43 PM

    Could you please write more about your rabbits. I just love animal stories!


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