Tuesday, November 07, 2006

My Guy - Governor Tim Pawlenty!


So I voted today. I love telling everyone I voted for all the pro-choice candidates - it's wasted on everyone however - they are on to me - they know I'm just a 'heat merchant'.

I did indeed vote today. I love voting. I hate politics. AND I am so glad the awful, negative political ads are off the air - finally. Timmy wasn't negative in his campaign ads. Hatch is negative.

I will not tell anyone who I voted for, but I have a lovely anecdote about Governor Pawlenty from a very reliable source. A priest.

It happened at the little Roman Catholic Church in South St. Paul, Holy Trinity.

A limo pulled up, and an attractive, well dressed woman stepped out and approached the maintenance man who happened to be outside. She asked if he would let them into the Church to pray. He agreed. She returned to the car to tell the occupant, and he stepped out. It was Governor Tim Pawlenty, the woman turned out to be his wife. They entered the Church to pray, remaining there for some time, all alone. No photo op, no entourage. They left as discreetly as they arrived.

How cool is that!

Governor Pawlenty was raised Catholic but is an Evangelical at present...he'll be back.


  1. Very neat!:)

    I'm glad it's over, too...

    Politics gives me hives:p

  2. Come home, Timmy! Come home!

  3. A similiar story: Prince Charles was on holiday in the south of France and wanted very much to visit the Cistercian Abbey of Sénanque . . . after the general visiting hours. The prior said yes, but explained that before HRH could visit the abbey, the monks had to sing vespers and have their hour of Eucharistic adoration. HRH assisted at vespers very devoutly in choir and then remained for an hour with the monks in silent adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. This happened before Princess Diana's death. Come home, Charlie, come home!

  4. Little Freak8:52 PM

    Tim P is mediocre. He is pro-stem cell research and weak on abortion.

  5. Mother love9:13 PM

    Guess what finger I'm holding up little freak.

  6. Anonymous9:35 PM

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  7. Anonymous9:37 PM

    Little Freak - so Hatch, being pro-choice and pro-everything else is any better?
    You are a little freak.

  8. little freak9:32 AM

    Mother love:

    Judging by your name I am sure you are giving me the thumbs up for my comments. If it is the middle finger, I suggest you change you name because that is not very charitable or loving.

  9. little freak9:42 AM

    Ok anonymous, first of all if Pawlenty is pro-choice too. The only thing Hatch has that is worse is he is probably pro-homosexual unions. Why is Pawlenty pro-choice? Because he already, by supporting stem cell research, has stated that an embryo is NOT a person. He has a HUGE logical inconsistency. Embryonic stem cell research involves killing unborn embryos and so does abortion. He may as well be pro-choice because he does not think that that en embryo is a human person.

    Secondly, Are you telling me that if both Pawlenty and Hatch were pro-choice, pro-stem cell, pro-pornography, pro-euthanasia, BUT Hatch was pro-homosexual union you vote for Pawlenty still? I think at this point it makes no difference who you vote for, both parties are corrupt and decadent.

  10. So, little freak, you stayed home and did not vote?

  11. Little Freak12:44 PM

    yeah I didn't vote, what's the point to voting, both parties support intrinsic evil acts?

  12. Who are you little freak? Are you related to me? People - do not be mean to little freak.
    I have heard many people say what little freak has said - that everything is lost - both parties are endorsing intrinsicly evil acts.

  13. little freak: I'm not being mean to you or I hope you don't think I am. People that don't bother to vote baffle me. How can things hand a CHANCE to change if you stay home? In essence, you just trusted me to vote for you. So, thank you, for the vote of confidence in my ability to choose the candidates and referenda you would have wanted.

    Also, if you don't bother to vote, then IMHO, you have no right to complain.

  14. I meant to save "have" not hand in the sentence above. Sorry, I type too fast, when I get upset.

  15. little freak3:26 PM

    First of all people have been very nice to the little freak, especially considering the subject matter. Thank you all for not being mean to little freak!! Everyone have been great and I appreciate the discourse! Like I said, I bet it was the thumbs up for good discourse.

    I do not mean to complain, I am just stating my apathy towards the parties. It is lamentable. As the left moves closer to totally atheism and immorality in all areas it allows conservatives to appear as more conservative by being immoral in less areas. The “right” the moving in the same way the “left” are, they are just a few issues behind. However, you have pro-life democrats too, which complicates things, so maybe things are moving the other way. I dunno.

    However, I know I should have voted and little freak feels kinda bad now...Catechism 2240

  16. little freak3:44 PM

    But how can it be a mortal sin to vote for a pro-abortion candidate but it is not a mortal sin to vote for a candidate who is pro-stem cell research? Aren't this acts equally against human life? This is a problem for little freak.

    I think that there are more abortions then embryonic stem cells being destroyed, but that seems a little arbitrary and voting would just be some kind of damage control.

  17. little freak: I hear where you are coming from. I agree, there is no perfect Catholic candidate-meaning someone who votes in line with ALL church teachings. That person may not even have to be Catholic.

  18. little freak9:32 PM

    Cathy of Alex: Yeah that is true, but I mean I don't think they have to agree with ALL of the churches teachings (i.e. social teachings like subsidiarity), but I can't vote for a candidate who does not completely respect life. An attack on one is an attack on all.

    It is hard because in the stem cell research process most commonly used, hundreds and up to thousands of embryos are discarded for a variety of research purposes. To me this is abortion, i.e., the killing of an unborn child. The only difference I can see is that one happens with at the discretion of a woman and the other a scientist. Stem cell research implies abortion. At least that is how the little freak sees it.

  19. You are right little freak. I continue to pray that one day we will have totally pro-life candidates.


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