Saturday, November 25, 2006

"Jump down, turn around, pick a..."

'ad orietem' et 'pro multis'

Did you watch the NCCB conference discussing liturgical norms? (Facing east for the celebrant and reverting to 'for many' in the words of consecration at Mass, is being debated in Rome - 'For many' has now become the norm - I think.) But the NCCB were discussing other issues - like music, nevertheless I kept thinking - "If you wouldn't have screwed up the Mass in the first place you wouldn't have to waste so much time and hot air on the subject today, with all the committees and 'drama' consultants. In case you haven't been following this nonsense, drama consultants have indeed been called in to advise upon the liturgy. (I wonder if Pius V did that?)

Anyway, changes are coming once again for the liturgy. So that means new books, missals, lectionaries, sacramentaries. If the priest is supposed to have his back to the people again, then that means Church renovation in many cases - again. The Catholic faithful have shelled out a heck of a lot of money in the past decades to wreck-o-vate their Churches - or worship spaces.

A man was in the Store today asking about what missal to buy. I told him not buy any - use "Magnificat" until they figure out what they are doing with the liturgy. How many new translations have we been through now? Not to mention the bibles.

I remember when the late Fr.Pingatore hired Kazmarcek to 'renew' the sanctuary at the old St. Ambrose in St. Paul. (Horrible job. Horrible.) They took out the Communion rail of course, and other things - such as the high altar, much to the chagrin of the Italian families who had donated great sums of money for the finest Italian marble as a memorial to the deceased members of their families. Eventually, the Church was sold and it's current namesake is now in Woodbury, Minnesota. Many left the parish, and some left the Church after the destruction. (Pingatore was a little pope in those days and did what he wanted.)

The 'reform of the reform' is going to be expensive - get your check books out. Good luck with all of that when millions have been spent on lawsuits and settlements after the sexual abuse debacle. And of course, we may have to cough up money to make our Churches and facilities more eco-friendly in the battle against Global Warming - we have got to be pro-active on this.

Don't buy any missals for Christmas presents - unless they are Tridentine - that hasn't changed with the trends and fashions of the late 20th century - don't try to use it at a Novus Ordo Mass however.
(What is this going to do to all the young people who have been raised with 'artistic' innovations in the liturgy? One young lady asked this today, wondering very sincerely, "I wonder how our liturgical dance will work into all of this?" Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. No wonder the Bishops have such a hard time with liturgical questions.)


  1. Does Leaflet have an architect working on an addition for space for the "new books, missals, lectionaries and sacramentaries?"

    Were you at the 10:00 at St Agnes on Sunday? Can you explain the difference between the N.O. High Mass and the Tridentine?

  2. Well, I sang Holy Mass entirely in Latin today (MR Editio Typica Tertia 2002) with the Propers and the Ordinary from the Graduale Romanum. Only the readings, the homily, and the Gen. Intercessions were in English. I was ad orientem for the Liturgy of the Eucharist. Incense, bells, the works!

  3. Thanks, Don Marco!

    Maybe the priests are getting more fluent in Latin and are now able to go the "whole nine yards" with a Novus Ordo Mass.

    That's great.

    I go to a Low N.O. Mass on Saturday morning accompanied by a Holy Hour at St Anthony of Padua in Minneapolis. We sing a capella the Gregorian Chant responses, but I think Father is slowly breaking us in on more Latin, too.

    I am making an appointment to see him later this week on another matter. I will ask him.


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