Wednesday, November 29, 2006

It's Not Gap -

But they are getting better!
(Pictured, The very classic little black velvet dress from Upstream Girl.)
Remember a few months back I did a sort of review on a modest fashion company called "Upstream Girl". I didn't like what they had to offer, I thought it too old for young girls or teens, and rather dated. They were just starting out as a company and I didn't give them a chance by comparing them to established retailers. They have a needed concept and niche market out there; and they are responding by attempting to offer modest clothing for young women and girls.

On my way home tonight, I listened to their ad on Relevant Radio - it actually sounded rather hip - more so than I expected. So I took a look at their website to see what I'd find. I expected "Anne of Green Gables" and was surprised to find a collection of rather 'with-it' looks.

What they offer today is a huge improvement, sophisticated style, remaining modest, with good price points. I'm pretty sure, if they can get this product moving, they will continue to improve their selection and content, as well as style choices. If you're shopping for a Christmas present for a young woman, maybe consider Upstream Girl.

The fledgling company may yet need better presentation and photography - that comes in time, nevertheless, the clothes are no longer dowdy - they are young and decidedly more hip. (I'd still encourage them to stay away from cutsie stuff though. Continue with the simple and classic!
I wish them continued success! They are on a mission from God!

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  1. Nice!

    Thank you for the recommendation.


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