Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I'm calling the ACLU!

I actually love Christmas! I really do!

Yet in my office, co-workers are already playing Christmas music, non-stop, and a little louder than normal. That being the case, with the woman in the cubical next to me, singing along, is driving me crazy. Who even likes "It's A Holly, Jolly Christmas"? Or Elvis? (I did kinda like Motown stars doing Christmas - oh, and the Beach Boys "Little St. Nick" - strike that! )

It is the worst music ever.
(And too much - way too soon! And stop singing lady!)

Would a Catholic Company fire me if I went to the ACLU and complained that I am offended by this stuff? I think I have a case. Get Jackie Childs on the phone! (I could surely get a spot on the news, don't you think?)
No wonder people who don't like Christians get so mad.
But I really do, "I Celebrate Christmas!"
Now imagine a really fast talking voice:
"Available at www.leafletonline.com Item #19109 $2 each, quantity pricing available. Get your 'flair' at Leaflet Missal!"


  1. Terry: I'm with you. I knew I would be insane and tired of hearing the name: Burl Ives, by December 1st when one of our local radio stations started playing all Christmas music a week ago! A week ago!

    Also, we have two local FM stations that are all Christmas from now until Christmas Day.

    Throw in the shopping malls and the stores; "Oh, the humanity"

  2. Spy in the hall12:28 PM

    Your always welcome to visit me. No Christmas music until there is snow on the ground.

  3. I was in an inexplicable good mood today - signing Christmas carols in the office! I'm lost!
    A co-worker said my meds must have kicked in...


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