Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Hetero-phobic Rosie O'Donnell

A Case Study In Heterosexual Phobia In Rosie O'Donnell. (joke)
Pictured, Rosie O'Donnell in her famous, "Pull my finger" pose. (Or is she nailing someone to the wall here?)
I don't know if you watch ABC news, or 'The View', or 'Regis and Kelly', but there was an incident. (I'm ver klempft!)
Kelly Ripa, (who is gorgeous) was co-hosting with Clay Aiken on the Regis and Kelly Show. Clay put his hand over Kelly's mouth - bad manners - to shut her up. She scolded him nicely and made a joke that she didn't know where his hands have been. It's common schtick in entertainment to say something clever like that in a joking manner.
Bull-dyke O'Donnell latched onto it proclaiming Kelly's remark as "homo-phobic". (Aiken hasn't even come out yet, although Ms. O'Donnell felt it her place to out him on 'The View'.) Anyway, proud Kelly calls into 'The View', confronts Rosie on the air, and caught O'Donnell like a deer in the headlights. She was so busted. It's silly show-biz gossip. So who cares?
Nevertheless, I think it is very revealing as regards O'Donnell's character, as well as the homosexual agenda. The cries of bigotry and discrimination coming from gays over nothing is an imitation of claims of racial discrimination by minorities. Maybe in some instances it's true, but in this situation O'Donnell was attempting to crusade, it's way off the mark. She was diggin' deep for this one. She's dumb, you know - she's not a smart woman, she just has a big mouth - she's from Long Island. She likes to play the bully. Yet Kelly called her on it.
I really think that many gays and lesbians are actually hetero-phobic. They are afraid of natural heterosexuality. They resent heterosexuals. In some cases, it's an envy thing, going back to childhood or adolescence, something I always refer to as psycho-sexual arrested development. Experienced as alienation from peers of the same sex. Seeking affirmation through sexual acts with the same sex later in life becomes a way of finding acceptance and validation. Of course there are more and varied dynamics at work in the homosexual experience, but I think I'm on to something.
The manner in which Rosie goes after Elizabeth, one of her 'conservative' co-hosts on 'The View', as well as her contempt for Star Jones, along with this recent attack on Kelly Ripa, leads me to believe she is hetero-phobic, if you will. Or at best, misogynist in her approach to hetero women. You see, lesbians are different than gay men - there are differing determining factors inherent in their homosexuality, as well as practice. (Proving once again men and women are intrinsically different from one another, albeit sexually and emotionally complimentary.)
Rosie and other gay militants can yell homo-phobic all they want - they are the phobic ones - I dub it hetero-phobic. Maybe we should go to the ACLU with this discriminatory practice and see if they'll fight for us!
Rosie is going to dyke herself out of a job if she doesn't watch her mouth.


  1. I've used the term "heterophobic" myself. Great post!

    And you're right...don't forget about Dan Savage, the infamous columnist. He refers to heteros as "breeders" as a way of putting down God's order of things, reducing the miracle of life to a process used by people who are creating dog and horse breeds. It is yet another tactic used by these people to make themselves feel better.

    But no matter what they say or do or downplay, they cannot take away the damage they are doing to themselves, and now, to society, and individually, to gullible souls.

    God bless these ajenda-types...they need the blessings! But may God damn their agenda, because it has risen into such a pinnacle of our society only through the work of demons straight from Hell. (btw...not taking God's name in vain, not attacking people, only an inanimate agenda...and I really do ask God to wreak his wrath and vengeance upon those forces at work corrupting perfectly good souls).

    Maybe it's time to consecrate gay activists to the Immaculate Heart of Mary? I'm quite certain she could be a great source of conversion....just a suggestion....

  2. Uh . . . what do I know, but it's Clay not Clyde, right?

  3. You are correct Father! How funny! Who is Clyde? Anyway - I made the correction.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Rosie is a bitter,angry person with so many issues it is hard to know where to begin. The View "jumped the shark" when they hired her. What were they thinking?????


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