Monday, November 20, 2006

Gore-ed to death with Global Warming hysteria...

It's a hot topic! (Canned laughter.)
Do I think it's happening? Probably. Is it just me or is it hot on earth? (Canned laughter.)
What if it's just the natural swing of things? Al Gore once suggested that cigarette smoking contributes to it. He's got to be nuts - he's just got to be. What about flatulence? Of course population control can take care of that - but what about those cows...(Canned laughter.)
Today Archbishop Flynn was on local News with other Church leaders along with Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman pledging themselves to work to reverse global warming. The NCCB has that on their agenda as well - in fact, I think they have another entire committee with a big budget handling the subject. Good for them.
It does indeed appear there is such a phenomenon as global warming going on. Some people just don't believe it, some do. There seems to be something of a hysteria building however. (Chesterton might refer to it as another 'fad' - I kind of think it is.) Personally, I'm opposed to plastics - like Halloween pumpkins a deer can't shake off her snout, or the Snapple bottle rings that get caught on an animal's snout or neck and they strangle, starve or suffocate themselves to death. Ban plastics I say! (More canned laughter.)
I'm not criticizing his Excellency, and I'm not suggesting there are other more important issues for him to be on board with, such as faith and morals, the liturgy - oh, yah - the liturgy. I'm not suggesting that. In fact, since the Catholic Bishops have been so pro-active and persuasive against abortion, contraception, homosexuality, the war in Iraq and other issues - it's just good PR to get on board with the global warming thing. This one might work.
(More canned laughter. I can be so 'Seinfeld'!)


  1. Charles Borromeo, Francis de Sales, Alphonsus Liguori . . . all splendid reforming bishops . . . and saints. I just don't get these American bishops. Just don't.

  2. Very, very funny. Terry. Quit smoking though. (Maybe you already have!) And eat fresh.

  3. Those plastic rings can/should be recycled...

    & isn't pro-active an acne cream?

    (still more CL:)

  4. It's good to choose a cosmic problem. Because if we all get broiled, nobody can blame them for not stopping it. And if it morphs into an ice age, Te Deums will again be sung all 'round the nation and the price of votive candles will skyrocket.

    I think psychologists call it "displacement." When you are burdened with problems that you can't handle, pick an easy one that nobody else can handle, either.

    My recommendation is for the retirement age for U.S. bishops to be reduced from 75 to 55. And create dormitories for the emeritii (sp.).

  5. As long as you aren't Michael Richards...

    Fine, fine, but what were they all wearing, Mr. Terry?

  6. The archbishop had a handsome black suit on, and Norm's eyes were baggy and tired lookin, while the black lady's hair was kind of messy.
    That's all I noticed. :)


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