Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Kulture Klash - not Klub...

Muslim men go through a purification process before prayer, ritual ablutions. It's a pretty elaborate ritual. KQ was talking about it today on their "Morning Show" - I listen while I'm doing sales figures for the Store.

Today they were complaining about Muslim cab drivers who refuse to pick up blind people with seeing eye dogs - because the dogs are impure. Neither will the Muslim cab drivers pick up people carrying alcohol - Islam forbids alcohol, but I think it's okay when they are out night clubbing - oh, wait, they can wash.

The conversation steered toward the accommodations employers make for Muslim workers, providing time for prayer as well as private spaces for the practice. The morning crew proceeded to discuss ritual ablutions. In many instances, the Muslim washes his genitals in a public washroom. In one instance an entire line of sinks was in use in one facility with Muslim men, fully exposed, washing their junk. Now employers are providing small bowls for the men to perform their ritual in the restroom stalls - I suppose for the sake of modesty. It sounds odd doesn't it?

Why do they do this? It's purification before prayer, much the same as suicide bombers and other 'martyrs' shave their bodily hair before their sacrifice, they must be ritually pure before going to prayer. Sounds pretty Old Testament doesn't it. The washing of the genitals must be done if there has been any bodily emission, urine, seminal fluid, etc. My understanding is that even toilet paper is not enough after a bowel movement, although I haven't heard of washing there. Here is a piece I found on the 'normal' ablutions:

or "The partial ablution
Before offering the prayer one must be in good shape and pure condition. It is necessary to wash the parts of the body which are generally exposed to dirt or dust or smog.
Declare the intention that the act is for the purpose of Worship and purity.

Wash the hands up to the wrists three times.
Rinse out the mouth with water three times preferably with a brush whenever it is possible.
Cleanse the nostrils of the nose by sniffing water in to them three times.
Wash the whole face three times with both hands if possible from the top of the forehead to the bottom of the chin and from ear to ear.
Wash the right arm three times up to the far end of the elbow and then do the same with the left arm.
Wipe the whole head or any part of it with a wet hand once.
Wipe the inner sides of the ears with the forefingers and their outer sides with the thumbs. This should be done with wet fingers.
Wipe around the neck with wet hands.
Wash the two feet up to the ankles three times beginning with the right foot.
At this stage the ablution is completed and the person who has performed it is ready to start his prayer. When the ablution is valid a person may keep it as long as he can and may use for as many prayers as he wishes."
- Muslim Prayer (So why can't they do it at home?)

Can you imagine the water all over the floor after they are finished?

Now if they would only convert to Catholicism, all they would have to do is go to confession, then they would be really purified. (Of course, Baptism would take care of it in the beginning. Confession is only necessary for sins committed after Baptism.)


  1. Absolutly not. Leave it. It would be even better if you could find some phallic looking mineret to post with it.

    Yes, it's been a LONG day. Feel free to delete this comment.

  2. Great idea! I did it.:)

  3. Anonymous7:17 PM

    I would take it down. You dont want to be the cause of someone not converting to the one true faith because you scared them away with an uncompationate dig at their religious practices. Imagine yourself living in a country that you were only exposed to Islam, then imagine that person after growing up to an age where they can choose if they would convert. Then they see your post and decide why would they look any further into Catholicism, because to them you are being the spokes person for all Catholics. You must instead pray for Muslims that they may see the Truth in love. Most Muslims love God with all their hearts. Unfortunatly they dont know the truth of the Gospel and the truth of Christ. It is our duty to bring the Truth to them. Be a true disciple to the Lord.

    My suggestion for a good pilgrimage would be to go to the same place our Holy Father was the other day, The house of the Virgin Mary in Efesus Turkey. It is there that I witnessed for myself Muslims and Christians praying side by side in the house of our Lady. It is the only place in all the world that you can see this happen. I myself returned to the faith after a pilgrimage to this holy place. I attribute my return to the Church to Our Lady of Efesus. I trust in our Lady to bring many to her Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. You can watch a video of Marys house here. www.marysmedia.org

    God Bless!

    A friend from the Cathedral


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