Friday, October 06, 2006


Pictured, a recent classic YSL design.

News today that Paris fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, aged 70, collapsed today outside his Paris boutique during Fashion Week. (It is not known what his condition is at this time.) Gucci owns his label and I was surprised he was still active in design - not following the business since I'm no longer connected with ready-to-wear.

YSL was very hot in the late '60's and much of the '70's. Having started out at Dior, he developed his own line, known for elegance and beauty. He was the epitome of French design and elegance for a time, rivalling Coco Chanel's innovative success. As Paris fashion declined in prominence, his designs retained a steady clientele and enduring reputation. He loved nightclubbing with various fashionistas of the jet set, and often dealt with problems associated with alcohol and drug abuse.

Here is something he noted concerning his retirement in 2002 regarding the fashion industry:

[snip] "He announced his retirement from the fashion industry after 40 years in 2002.
He revealed that his decision was based on a disgust with an industry that had become ruled more by commercial gain than art.

"I have nothing in common with this new world of fashion, which has been reduced to mere window-dressing," he said.

"Elegance and beauty have been banished." [snip]

Interesting comment, huh?

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  1. That outfit is hideous...get it hide- ous. Hide it! Eewwww...


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