Monday, October 02, 2006

"You're the nicest dyke I've ever met." - Tallulah Bankhead

Miss Bankhead sarcastically said that to a woman she obviously did not like as she stepped onto an elevator, smiling at the woman as the doors closed. What a line!

I couldn't help but think of these words in reference to O'Donnell. Now this woman is indeed someone one might meet in a bowling alley, or a really butch dyke bar. This tacky Long Island bull-dyke, as of today, is taking pot-shots at the Pope.

She lost me years ago on her old show when she ambushed Tom Sellick, a guest on her show, and attacked him because he is in favor of Americans being allowed to bear arms. He was on her show as a guest and she literally attacked him, as only a big-mouthed Irish bar-type broad can. (And people wonder why I dislike my Irish heritage.)

Her old show was fun afternoon background chatter when I worked in my studio - she was funny because she was kind of dumb - like an overweight tough-girl-next-door who hung out with the guys. She had a good heart and did lots and lots of charitable things. She endeared many people to herself, especially kids. She did a lot for kids. It seemed like she had been giving Mia Farrow a run for her money by adopting as many kids as she could. Then she gets 'married' to her lover in San Francisco. You see, she comes off 'nice' but there is that other side to her...the bitch. The big mouth that craves validation.

Now she is on "The View". Another blogger once referred to "The View" as a news show. It is so not a news show - just because Barbara Walters is there - she's does nothing but entertainment news. Rosie is too dumb to be presenting news, much less commenting upon it. She's a hateful ex-Catholic lesbian who has an axe to grind and will do anything to discredit the Church. She and her one-time best friend Madonna never out-grew their rebellious Catholic girls school schtick - talk about arrested development. Here is a snip from Gerald's post:

[snip] In today’s edition of the ABC-TV show, “The View,” Rosie O’Donnell said that “the person who was in charge of investigating all the allegations of pedophiles in the Catholic Church from the eighties until just recently was guess who. The current pope.” She said her source was an upcoming movie, “Deliver Us from Evil.” [snip] What an idiot - she got her 'facts' from a flipping movie. And people thought Star Jones was a horses ass!

Here's a piece from The Cafeteria is Closed comments on an article Gerald posted today. (Read the entire article here.)

"But wait. Before these remarks today, and AFTER her Christian extremist remarks, Rosie had this to say (Sept. 28th

In today’s edition of the ABC-TV show, “The View,” the four panelists held a glass of red wine while joking about its alcoholic effects. After Rosie O’Donnell made a crack about the way alcohol affects Mel Gibson—“you just start spouting anti-Semitic statements”—Joy Behar responded, “In vino veritas. Don’t you remember when you went to Communion? In vino veritas. The priests were all drunk, don’t you remember?”

Here is what happened next.
· O’Donnell: “No. I remember they would do Body of Christ. You’d have to say Amen and then sometime in the 70s there was a big congregation and you were allowed to get it in your hand. Do you remember this?”

· Behar: “No I think I dropped out by then.”

· O’Donnell: “Oh, well it was big because my mother used to say when you have that Host in your mouth don’t let it touch your teeth because it was against (inaudible) so you know the pressure on the child getting it, you know the priest would put it right on your tongue and you’re [Rosie twists her face pretending to swallow it without having it touch her teeth]…Yeah, it was a lot. But anyways, cheers.”

We can be charitable, yes, but this (as all that comes out of her mouth) is blasphemous, plain and simple."

So why get upset about this? Because a lot of idiots think Barbara Walters has credibility, and therefore imagine O'Donnell does as well. There is nothing so dangerous to religious freedom as an angry ex-Catholic who harbors nothing but contempt and destructive designs upon the faith of their fathers. Bill Donohue of the Catholic Defense League is going after her - I hope he goes in for the kill.

Roast pig anyone?


  1. She definitely needs our prayers...

  2. just me8:51 PM

    I feel so sorry for people that say and do this things. That old song comes to mind "...looking for love in all the wrong places...".
    If they only knew with how much love Jesus waits in the Altar for them! They settle for just shadows. It is so sad.

  3. therese5:45 AM

    I think they all hate the cross so much. It is easy to hate I guess, the cross is so hard for us. I wondered though for a long time why these crazy liberals/secularists/God haters would rather bash their neighbors--people very much like them or what is so familiar-who they grew up with--Catholics, Christians of any kind, Orthodox Jews (no cross but doctrines of suffering)...but embrace the Islamic people--the ones who truly want to put them all in burkas or stone them to death--Rosie and Madonna might be the first women so punished with Sharia...never criticizing and I think it is because they both hate the cross so much. They never wonder "what is wrong with me--what should I do to change?" when they have problems or have suffering but blame God, the Cross and the world around them that refuses to mirror what they think would relieve them of the cross. Reading many different references made by crazed and violent Muslims (not normal Muslims!) I kept seeing phrases like "we will knock your crosses down" "we will break all your crosses"...These statements were after the Holy Father's Regensbruck speech and I thought "ah-ha" I think they are sympathetic with these folks inside because they both want the cross destroyed...Both groups want paradise on earth now--a paradise that supports them and never gives a cross. They can't stand to even look at one or know one exists--even on a tiny stamp or a memorial...

  4. Terry: I agree. I used to watch Rosie O'Donnell once and a while but the day she attached Tom Selleck was it for me. I think that was her "jump the shark" moment because she started going downhill towards Gehenna faster and faster ever since.

    What really bugs me about the disgruntled ex-Catholics airing their "beefs" about the church on the air is the Catholic haters listen to it and smile as being further proof of the "ridiculousness" of our Faith". What I want to tell them is: "Smile, she quit being a Catholic a long time ago. She's one of YOU now."

  5. It must be that our religion is worth hating.

    None other attracts public outbursts like these.


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