Tuesday, October 10, 2006

"You're all bastard people." - Corky St. Clair

Those are Corky's lines from the hilarious film, "Waiting For Guffman."

Sounds a little like Monseigneur Lefebvre, the deceased schismatic Archbishop, father of the SSPX. Gerald posted a few of his quotes - I couldn't resist grabbing one (just for Corky!):

"All these [pre-John XXIII] popes have resisted the union of the Church with revolution; it is an adulterous union and from such a union only bastards can come. The rite of the new mass is a bastard rite, the sacraments are bastard sacraments. We no longer know if they are sacraments, which give grace or do not give it. The priests coming out of the seminaries are bastard priests who do not know what they are. They are unaware that they are made to go up to the altar, to offer the sacrifice of Our Lord Jesus Christ and to give Jesus Christ to souls." Thanks to, The Cafeteria Is Closed.

And some people tell me that he is most likely a saint, that the schismatic traditionalist movement does not engender doubt, dissension, and disobedience, while questioning if the Novus Ordo is even valid. It doesn't seem to be a good spirit at work here. One has to be cautious.

Blessed John XXIII, pray for the Church.


  1. Hot Rumor Tonight!

    The Times of London is saying that the Universal Indult for the Tridentine Mass has been approved and will be announced in November, probably when the documents from the 2005 Synod are released.

    Source: Cardinal Zen of Hong Kong (blabbermouth)

  2. Terry: Thanks. Your headline and equating it with Monsignor Lefebvre made me spew coffee all over.

  3. Lefebvre had some great things to say. I recommend reading his Open Letter to Confused Catholics. Of course I do hold that he fell into schism but hey, some Novus Ordo priests and bishops are downright flaming homos and heretics so..

    We live in dark times. I believe he was right about many things. How many Catholics do we all know that don't realize it's Jesus Christ we receive at Mass? And yet somehow there's this revolution of faith going on? Please. If the New Mass is SO much clearer than the Old why all the confusion for 40 years? Why are Catholics failing en mass to accept basic teachings like Jesus is God? And yet somehow no one thinks to blame the very Mass these people attend or the homilies they hear preached there, the Council that engendered such an attitude and the Popes who sped things along. If Vatican II was such a breath of fresh air why on earth does it take some gnostic knowledge of JP II to figure it out? Like the Church started over with John the XXIII and so on. Come on folks. Let's look at things honestly. Vatican II was a huge opening of the Church's immune system to the viruses of modernism and liberalism. The New Mass, although valid when said correctly, is basically no differnt than a Protestant worship service and if you read Paul VI's own words and others it was MEANT to be that way. No wonder today's Catholics believe more like Lutherans. Everyone points at what Lefebvre did and they think that justifies their position. Wrong. Read about the Catholic faith, how it was taught and lived and what people believed 100 years ago and you will very nearly see a different religion. May God have mercy on us.


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