Monday, October 16, 2006

The waiting room...

After being sick for several days - the Dr. said today it is bronchitis - he always knows without my saying anything that I still smoke. It seems I got a bad cold with a sinus infection that turned into bronchitis - I'm spared a recurrence of pneumonia however with an antibiotic. Hold the lectures and scolding please - I'm depressed enough.

So where am I now? I had some engine problems and I'm in the Honda dealership waiting room, it is supposed to take two hours. Providential huh? Thankfully they have internet access.

The television is on and the waiting room is full of people. There is a Muslim woman speaking loudly on her cell phone and people are complaining that they cannot hear the TV because of it. One of the computers is not working so there is a Muslim man (the woman's husband) next to me talking to it. What if he were to get online and plan a terrorist attack on the Foshay tower? Oh! He finally got on! I looked around to see if he got on, just to keep an eye on what site he went to...He googled suitcase nuclear weapons...Just kidding.

His wife is still on the phone and says an occasional word to him and he barely responds. How does he put up with the constant talking? She has to wear a veil and cover everything up, but she can shoot her mouth off all she wants in public. I should have brought alcohol with me and she maybe would leave, like the Islamic cab drivers who will not carry fares who have alcohol.

(I'm just documenting my experience here, so don't be offended.)

Now my 'specialist' comes in and tells me that I need a new tire because I have a nail in one, they have a special and can replace all of them, so I said yes. This will take my bill over $500 today. Isn't that something though! She brought me a complimentary bottle of water.

Oh! The Muslims left. But now a deaf person came in and turned the TV up again.

The Muslim guy is back now! He asked if I'd mind if he used the phone on the wall right behind me. He can see what I'm writing. I have to save to draft and I'll go to my other blog - oh! You didn't know I had one? Yeah that's right, it's Rome-ing Catholics...

What if he had a simitar? He's behind me and people get beheaded from behind - their throats slit and sawed through...

On the news they are discussing another terrorist attack - anthrax - anonymous envelopes from corner mailboxes. I think there are better ways. They are now saying some large scale event is due to happen before the end of the month of Ramadan - even claiming al-Quieda says Muslims in the U.S. should leave the country. (I think it's CNN, are they just filling time?) Anyway, the Muslims are still here - I think they are Somalis.

I don't really think that all Muslims are terrorists, but I think many people wonder about these things every time they look at white-Anglo-Saxon-protestants in burkas. (I don't want to sound racist.) Now the Muslims left. Whew!

I just heard North Korea's test really was nuclear. Well that settles that. Ms. Rice is now on talking about Iran's programs of do's and don'ts, now N. Korea. Well the U.S. is telling them! People just can't have access to nuclear power and stuff. We rule!

I wonder why they don't turn on Oprah? Better yet, Judge Judy. CNN just repeats the news over and over. Oh! Stocks closed at the 7th record high in 10 days! Like there isn't going to be a big crash soon. Gosh! Greed clouds judgment, huh? A correction is coming.

So what else should I write about? What a racket the auto industry is? How I just got taken today? How much I'd like to go out and have a cigarette right now?

I turned around and this white lady is starring at me as I write. Do you stare at people when you're waiting someplace? I do, although I try to do so without being noticed. I sit and try to figure out their story, their age, occupation. I can always spot single women. With one glance I could tell you some things about this woman. She's divorced and single, has a good job. Gets her hair done - hi-lighted of course. She's very trim so she goes to the gym more than once a week, likes to shop because she has nice clothes. Very much in control of her life. probably a teenaged daughter or niece, because she's kind of trendy. Skinny is a dead give away for some single women - but not always - there are other markers.

Oh my gosh! - Kathy - whatever her name is - is here now! She's the comedian that was on Seinfeld - oh! What is her name? She was on the episode where she was doing her stand-up routine about Jerry being the devil...she is so her voice double. I can't believe it. I looked - it's not her, but she could be her voice double for sure. Kathy Griffin! That's her name!

Looked over my shoulder and skinny divorced lady is still watching me - she has an annoyed look on her face - another sign of being single.

This is a documentary, isn't it? Too bad I don't have a camera. What if I changed careers and took people's cars to the service center for them and just blogged, blogged, blogged, while I waited - I could get a web-cam.

It's like the casino here, they just came around with water and asked me how I was doing. (I've only been to the Casino once.)

Did I ever tell you about my friend Joe? He got married just over a year ago. I email him things like this at times - just insane ramblings. He threatens me with restraining orders - just to be funny. He wishes I was his Dad.

Oh - repeat news on N. Korea - or should we now call them, Nuke Korea. I guess the device was small. I wonder if it would be small enough for a suitcase. I doubt it, if it's still too big for one of their missiles.

I'm bored with this now.


  1. So sorry that you haven't been well, Terry.

  2. I'm in the process of composing my list of area bloggers who need to be nominated for the annual awards ceremonies coming up in December-January or whenever. Yer doin' fine, guy!

    The trouble is, I can't figure out in what category you belong. Spiritual Gossip? I'm not sure if there is that much competition there; of course, that would be a walk away for you then.

    My category is "Detached Critic" but mostly it is mental so few know about it. I don't post enough "commentary." Did you catch the havoc I wreaked (or should that be wroked?) the other day on Highland Park?


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