Saturday, October 21, 2006

Political divide...

Yesterday I ran into one of the managers carrying into the Store two huge yard signs for political candidates for Congress. Kennedy and Bachman. I asked him, "Where are those going?"

"They are for my yard, not the Store."

"Do you endorse these two then?" I asked.

"Of course, they are the only pro-life candidates running. As a Catholic, there is no one else to vote for." He couldn't tell if I was putting him on or what.

We just got in a book entitled, "Can A Catholic Be A Democrat?" No one has read it yet. It's a provocative title however.

Election time is always an interesting time where I work. You can be sure of who is committing a mortal sin if they say they are going to vote for the "wrong" candidate, or who is going to hell depending upon their politics. At least that is what comes out of some mouths if you're so foolish to discuss politics at work. I suppose a person can afford to be smug when they vote the 'correct' way.

Sometimes I think the doom and gloom theorists are correct about "The Chastisement". It seems to me that being coerced to vote for pro-life candidates only dooms us to the inequitable policies of the Government we have to live with. It's a chastisement in itself.

I can't think of a political candidate that I trust.

I wonder if a person is going to hell if they abstain from voting as a conscientious objector? I'll have to ask the theologians I work with.


  1. This is an issue that needs to be discussed more.

    I am somewhat fortunate in that I cast my first third party protest vote for Frank Zeidler (from Milwaukee) for President in 1976.

    So I'm used to voting for minor candidates by now.

    I agree that the Abortion issue is a "non-negotiable" issue.

    But there are a lot of candidates who are Pro-Life that I disagree with on virtually all other issues.

    My third party votes generally count as an "abstention" in that race.

    A glimmer of hope for the future. The City of Minneapolis, that bastion of innovation and debt, is seriously discussing changing to what is termed "instant runoff voting."

    In IRV, you may vote for more than one candidate, ranking them by your preference.

    When the votes are tallied, if one candidate gets more than 50%, that is it. He/she wins.

    But if nobody gets 50%, the candidate with the least amount of votes for first preference is eliminated and the second place choice vote from those ballots is added to the tallies of all the other candidates.

    If nobody still has more than 50%, then the candidate with the second least number of votes is elminated and those second choice votes are added to the remaining candidates. This goes on until somebody gets more than 50%.

    The advantage of this is that you won't have candidates being elected with less than 40% of the vote like Jesse Ventura was a few years ago when he ran in a three person race for Governor.

    The disadvantage, depending upon your opinion, might be a fragmentation of the country into many parties and we might always end up with IRV victors and coalition governments like the parliaments of Europe.

    Of course, our governments wouldn't fall if someone pulled out of a coalition.

    But it wouldn't happen for many years at the national level until a lot of experience at the local level is evaluated.

    Too late for me, I would guess.

  2. This is such a tough issue-

    Pardon me for writing about this- I've blogged it before elsewhere...

    I was with the Right to Life party for years- & voted for only pro-life candidates- which has always been & will always be my position.

    But I had never voted in a primary- so last year I joined the democratic party so I could vote in their primary for the "best" candidate- then continue to vote, in the actual elections, for the best pro-life candidate... obviously never a democrat.

    I just can't stand it anymore. So now I'm 'spitting into the wind' with my vote. However, I will say, that "fellow Democrats" will now listen to me cause I'm "one of them"... I tell them that I am a pro-life dem, giving me a little leverage in a discussion.

    I have said- & it works in theory...(LOL!!! God forgive me but I'm desperate to do something!!!)

    that if every pro-life supporter became a Democrat, theoretically, their current stinking platform would/should be abolished...

    There have been SO MANY children who are now young adults, who have grown up thinking that having an abortion is like getting your nails done.

    & they have never been taught otherwise.

    Meanwhile- they search for their spirituality in false pagan beliefs...

    Maybe we don't care, but God does.

    Sorry for rambling, Mr. T...

  3. Hi again,

    Just to clarify- I don't mean "we" us...

    I mean our nation, in general, doesn't seem to care- a large, incredibly vocal portion of it, anyway.

    Although I don't think that they are necessarily the majority- they are just LOUD about their "rights"... & also backed by OUR tax dollars.


    In actuality, I'm with the Rosary Party...

  4. No one should abstain from voting. Otherwise, you are trusting ME to vote for you. A leap of faith no one should have to make! ;-)

  5. In my opinion there are no worthy candidates, I don't think women should vote and I'm a monarchist. And yes, I'm a woman and I still believe that!

    Democracy doesn't work because morality is not majority vote. Plus in a country where it's pseudo-brand X Christian spirituality at best allowed in the public square how on Earth can one be expected to have a God centered country? God has founded only one religion and when that religion is shunned or made equal with all others because of the democratic system..not good. God is not right or wrong beacuse of majority vote. God would still be God regardless of what "we the people" have to say about it. No form of government is perfect but personally...I loathe democracy and think it should go away. Long live Christ the King and bring back the Catholic confessional state.


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