Monday, October 16, 2006

Mrs. Bogle

You have to read her most recent post on the state of moral affairs in Britain. Here is an excerpt:

"Blair has played a major political role in ensuring the collapse of morals in our country. He has led us into an appalling war which will result in the destruction of one of the few countries in the Middle East where there were reasonably strong Christian communities, which may well now disappear. Our Armed Forces are under extreme pressure, our crime rate soars, and Government policies openly promote schemes to smash traditional marriage and family life. Yet deluded Americans still talk about "Tony Blair, man of integrity".....please, please look at what is actually happening, and don't have an image of Britain that is based on 1950s films!" Joanna Bogle

Sounds like the U.S. By the way, in the upcoming elections it sounds as if the Republicans are going to be losing their ass - I mean seats - in Congress.


  1. Joanna, if I may be so bold as to call her by her first name, is rapidly moving to the top of my Blogroll list.

    She's a natural. Of course, you are too. As is Adoro, I being one of the few in St Blog's Parish to know her real name.

    What distinguishes the three of you is the high percentage of personal experience shared for all the world.

    Nobody could tell anything about me from what I post. Some of my comments are better, but who knows where they are?

  2. Yes, and under Saddam Iraq was a workers' paradise. I notice that critics of the war NEVER talk about what things were like there before the war.

    No offense intended, either by my directness or the use of capitals, but it is simply a fact that the war's opponents can't propose an alternative. Nor do they try. They just tell us the war is awful. No kidding.

  3. Thanks for the comment, sadly there is no alternative to the war now - no matter what people think, pro or con. It would be the height of tyranny if we were to pull out and leave Iraq defenseless, torn apart as the country is.
    We have become responsible for all of those people. We must make sure that peace comes to them.
    We also have the many lives of very good men and women who are no longer with us to account for and defend what they have died for. Like it or not, we must remain steadfast and stick it out, as many soldiers would affirm.


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