Monday, October 16, 2006


"The Suicide of Dorothy Hale" Frida Kahlo

I think my medium is painting. I honestly never heard or viewed Kahlo's work until my gallery owner told me my things reminded him of her. I then proceeded to read about her and appreciated her art, although I found it rather narcissistic and self-pitying - despite the fact her admirers insist otherwise. In my opinion they are wrong.

Yet her somber message is something I also try to convey in my art, using as she did, the archetype of Spanish colonial retablo and ex-votos. (We are both derivative in that respect.) I just cannot convey in writing what I can in painting. For me, painting documents life much more satisfactorily; that is why I use art in my posts - and that is because I'm not a very talented writer.

I'm rapidly losing interest in the blog. I am so bored with Catholic blogs and the controversies, with the gossip and sarcasm. A lot of hot air. My post, "The Waiting Room" - written while I was at the auto dealership was meant to express that. Jabber, jabber, jabber - about nothing.

Who cares? I don't care if the priests of NYC are trying to get rid of Egan. I don't care if the SSPX gets reunited with Rome. I don't really care if Flynn gets replaced in MPLS/STPAUL. I honestly don't care that Fr. Altier was transferred from St. Agnes. In fact, I don't care about a lot of things. I think it's the political climate with the elections coming up that I feel this way - that it's all such bull-shit. "Hot air!" as Fr. Eckert would say. Is blogging really contributing to anything meaningful in life? (My blog that is - although I'm pretty bored with the ones I visit as well.)

Maybe I need a break. I know I have to start painting.


  1. T-Man, my friend, me-thinks you need a blogging respite, just to refresh yourself creatively!

    I do love reading your posts, though. They often touch me--they are never disingenuous--and very often the chord they strike is a deep one, helping me to think about old challenges in new ways. Your writing IS as beautiful as your painting. It is by turns poignant, charming, humorous, bitter, joyful, insightful, and much more. Part of what makes your blog really fun to read is the kaleidoscope of topics, moods, and vantage points! But if painting feeds your energy while blogging drains it, then yes, paint more, blog less. We Abbey-Roads fans will be all the more eager for your posts!

    As for becoming bored with blogs, banter, and banality . . . well, of course! Even with Catholic stuff. "Vanity. Vanity. All things are vanity." (This from a guy who had it all and still managed to bore himself!) But won't heaven be fun? We'll never get bored, 'cuz nothing in heaven is empty of God and we'll never be out of sorts with ourselves!

  2. Yep!

    You ARE an excellent writer- however, your painting is a gift from God, too-

    Paint to your heart's delight... we'll wait:)

  3. Terry, you are a very gifted writer. You paint with words. Rest a little. But, please, don't stop your writing. It brings me such joy.

  4. Terry, you took the words right out of our mouth. If you've viewed Our Word lately, you've noticed we hardly ever comment on the politics of Catholicism any more. As a matter of fact, we hardly ever comment on anything any more. Real life carries on whether we write about it or not. And the writing we're doing (Judith - poetry, Mitchell - novels) isn't something we're going to put on the blog.
    That said, I have to agree with the other commenters; yours is one of the few Catholic blogs I read anymore precisely because of the way you write and the honesty with which you do it. God bless you and praise Him for all the creative gifts He's given you.
    (Where can we see your paintings?)

  5. Terry: Take a vacation. Go to the mountains, the lake, the plains, Fridley...wherever you need to go to relax and de-stress.


    I'm praying for you. You "sound" overwhelmed.

  6. Anonymous12:23 PM

    Don't go to Fridley. It's boring, and not much for looking at.

    I'm all for painting, but don't quit writing....just take a break.

    ~ Adoro


  8. Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts, a break is in order. I'm sure I'll be back into it soon however.
    I'm so with Judith and Mitchell. I can only post on what I really care about or what I think is funny.
    The galleries that represented me: one in Santa Fe, "Good Hands", sadly he closed a couple of years ago, as did the local gallery I was represented by here. Thus my reason for working where I am now.

  9. Michael6:51 PM

    You are a talented artist, and I really like all of the original stuff, and would love to see more. I don't always agree with the opinions expressed here (in particular two topics, Islam and homosexuality) but I find the blog a real 'guilty pleasure' whether I agree with the sentiments or not. I keep coming back. The commentary on the spiritual life, especially the contemplative stuff, is really valuable, and the choice of art, even when offbeat, is a great bonus. Please keep up the good work!

    Is there a way to contact you off of this blog?

  10. Thanks Michael - yep, you can contact me - go to my profile - there is an email contact or

  11. Dear Terry

    I think you do care; you care so much it blows a few of your neurons now and then, same as anybody who cares. But you're onto a truth when you say "hot air", meaning, I think, how even when we're speaking the truth (or seeking the truth) we can get sucked into the endless noise of the modern age and become part of it, adding our info or opinio-bites to it. Methinks the solution is more silence and interior listening to the "still small voice" before we speak, write, and otherwise add to the tsunami of cyber-verbiage. This is in the context of finding your blog very straightforward and honest . . . as well as fascinating.
    Michael O'Brien


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