Monday, October 02, 2006

Job and me...


The prophet Job. (Although, he was righteous - I am not.)

"Why did I not perish at birth, come forth from the womb and expire? Or why was I not buried away like an untimely birth, like babes that have never seen the light? Wherefore did the knees receive me? or why did I suck at the breasts?" First reading at Mass; Job 3.

At my first Communion, I prayed that I could die, like St. Imelda. Later, I prayed I would never offend Our Lord by mortal sin, that He would take my life beforehand. After many confessions in my life, I prayed the same prayer. I begged Him never to allow me to leave Him, nor to repeat my parent's sins.

Yet I did.

"They wait for death and it comes not..." - Job 3

In the Gospel the disciples wanted to call down fire from heaven to consume those who rejected Jesus...Jesus in turn, reprimanded them. We need to pray for Rosie O'Donnell. I ask anyone reading this to pray for me as well. (I should never write or speak in anger.)


  1. Terry-

    I'm glad that sometimes the answer to our prayers is, "No"...

    & you should hear me when I get angry!

    Please pray for me as well-

    Thank you!

  2. We are all sinners. I, too, fight the same sins over and over. Thank you, God, for Confession.

    I will pray for you too.


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