Monday, October 30, 2006

Halloween Costumes...

An 'All Hallows' Meme (Memes are kind of high school, don't you think? Who cares - it's Halloween.)

Fr. Martin Fox (Bonfire of the Vanities fame - a blog name I wanted!) tagged the first 5 people who acknowledged reading his post - so I'll do it - especially since the joke I posted earlier today on this blog wasn't well received. (It was so funny - for me.)

If you were invited to a Halloween/ All Saints Day Costume Party, which saint would you dress up as and why? (The Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God, is not an option.)

St. Benedict Joseph Labre. Because he wore trousers and I like him - he was a wonderful contemplative and layman. I'd be much crazier than he actually was however - I wouldn't show up at the party.

Which saint or other person would accompany you to the party?

St. Raphael Archangel, because he is the patron of pilgrims and he knew how to cook fish.

What famous quote would help others identify you?

"Lice? What lice?"

Describe your costume.

Ripped and torn too tight knickers over torn tights with a Franciscan cord, a Seinfeld pirate shirt under a a filthy waistcoat with a rosary around my neck. Bed hair like Joe Trojack's, and little plastic glitter bugs all over my clothes and in my hair.

Which movie or film best depicts the life of this saint?

A Robin Williams film about a crazy homeless man - unfortunately, I can't recall the title. It wasn't about St. Benedict, but Robin's character reminded me of him - or people like him.

What is your favorite book written about this saint or that he or she has written?

His biography - the title or author I can't remember, in addition, the writings for the process of his canonization, of which I have a very old book, in French, that I can only read with great effort.

As Fr. Fox wrote, I tag the first five people who acknowledge reading this. (No one reads this blog, so I guess it ends here.)

If a crazy blogger speaks in a forest, does anyone hear him? Is he still crazy?


  1. Hey!!!

    I resemble that remark:p

    The last couple of memes I've seen- including this one- I am not knowlegable enough to participate in.

    I can't believe you mentioned the Seinfeld shirt- a little while ago I was looking up Seinfeld trying to find the answer to a trivia question, but I couldn't find it...

    maybe I should "Ask Terry"?

  2. Dear Mr. "Ask Terry,"

    In the Seinfeld episode where the head of the network that was going to produce Jerry's show tragically drowns while doing (what I believe was) research for Greenpeace... didn't that character (Bob Baliban?) represent a real NBC executive? & if so... who?

    Thank you!
    A faithful reader

  3. Taking up the meme challenge

  4. I searched - cannot find anything that relates Bob Baliban's demise to any NBC executive.
    The episode you are referring to was the pilot.
    That's all I know.

  5. Thanks Mr. "A.T."...

    that's all I could find too:)


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