Friday, October 27, 2006

Every night is Halloween

- At a gay bar.

Driving home from work tonight I noticed a car ahead of me with rather entertaining bumper stickers - a profusion of them. (Why would you wreck your car with any type of bumper sticker?)

The woman had a rainbow "Z" or Harry Potter mark. A "jesus fish" with the word "pagan" enclosed. Another one that said, "My other vehicle is a broom". With an assortment of other GLBT stickers. I always see these cars in St. Paul it seems, it's really a dyke town over there. (The dykes seem to get into wearing their politics on their cars. Oh well, it is provocative.)

So I wondered - are lesbians so much into paganism and witchcraft? It must be the illusion of power they are after. Or maybe all witches have been dykes? Whatever, I realized Halloween, the dark side of Halloween, is really a gay holiday as well. (I wonder if psychological disorders, such as 'gender identity' confusion and 'arrested development' have anything to do with it?)

Nevertheless this is the season for Drag Balls; drag kings and queens delight in this holiday - it's the hi-light of the year for some. However, as I said, depending upon the gay bar, every night is sort of a Halloween. The leather bars have men in costume all of the time, leather chaps, vests over bare chests with numerous piercings, wierd quasi motorcyle/Nazi type costumes, etc. There are other bars with nightly drag shows and male strippers. Most people in a gay bar are in some sort of drag - even if they look like a regular guy or gal. It's a sexually charged, superficial milieu.

What is it however, about paganism, or nature worship, that attracts the gay community? Is "New Age" spirituality gay, or is it just inclusive? If Wicca is nature-religion based, how do unnatural sexual acts fit in? It seems contradictory in essence. At the same time, it may demonstrate the "diabolical delusion" inherent in such a spirituality.

Years ago, nearly our entire Presentation Department, along with Marketing (at Dayton's-Marshall Fields) would attend the drag ball. (Mainly because co-workers were attending in drag - and you had to see them!) I was very young. It was fun, no one has hotter music than gay people, the drinks were loaded, you could 'smoke' if you wanted to, with other drugs available in the men's room. It was like Carnival. You don't have to be gay to attend - did you ever see the film, "The Bird Cage"? It's like that.

Obviously, GLBT people have their cult. I imagine that is one reason why they hate the Catholic Church. The Church could never recognize such a cult, much less such a spirituality. (Although some gay-friendly, so-called Catholic Churches and communities do so.)


  1. Don't, for God's sake, ever go to San Francisco during Halloween.

    I think the attraction for Halloween and dressing up in the GLBT life is to continue to subvert acceptable behavior and norms by dressing up as extreme and shocking as possible.

    GLBT's don't like the Catholic church because it tells them they can't have unnatural sex. That's all they have-unnatural sex.

  2. Was just reading that one of the local schools was forced to change the words to a Christmas song to Merry Winter- but won't change the words to the Hallelujah Chorus...

    There are not that many students who are complaining, but the complaint is that not all kids are believers- therefore they shouldn't be made to sing those particular words. Other kids have said that chorus is a choice- don't join if you don't want to sing the songs.

    A different article states that other students are promoting a day of silence to honor the faction of our culture depicted in this article.

    So... Christmas is controversial, but hi-fiving abominations before God is okay... although I will add that no one protests having two weeks off for Christmas.

    Jesus said we would be persecuted because of His name- I guess this falls under that category.


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