Friday, October 06, 2006

Could this be true?

Off Spirit Daily:

[snip] MINNEAPOLIS, October 5 (UPI) — A group of Catholics in Minneapolis will celebrate "National Coming Out Day" next Tuesday at the Basilica of St. Mary. Fr. Michael O'Connell will preside over the event, sponsored by St. Joan of Arc Church, as a service is held in the basilica's St. Joseph Chapel. "Along with the planned retreat activities, there will be time for reflection, journaling, massage, friendship and recreation," organizers of the Dignity Twin Cities event said Thursday in a news release. "We encourage participants to stay overnight on Saturday for the full, rich experience of the retreat, but commuters are also welcome."

Also, this Sunday, Dignity Twin Cities, a homosexual group, will celebrate a noon mass at the Cathedral of St. Paul. " [snip]

I seriously doubt that there will be a noon Mass at the Cathedral - not with Fr. Johnson as rector.


  1. Closed Cafeteria has it also from a wire service news item.

    I checked the current bulletin that I have in front of me and it's not there. It is not on their web page schedule but the Columbus Day Schedule is for October 9.

    The local and national Dignity web pages don't have it.

    And according to the national Dignity web page, "National Coming Out Day" is always October 11. Tuesday is October 10.

    We may have a prankster here.

    I'm going to be at the Basilic rectory tomorrow morning for my Spirituality Group meeting. I will check the schedule then.

    That's a good catch on the Cathedral. The new pastor is supposed to be a pretty straight arrow.

  2. There are some events. Thanks to a tip from midwestmom on the Closed Cafeteria site, I found the information on the site of the Catholic Pastoral Committee on Sexual Minorities.

    The usual suspects. Michael Bayly the Australian who finally got his green card. He is the Executive Director of the CPCSM.

    It does appear that they will be at the Cathedral on October 8 at the noon Mass, on their own, in a "mini-Rainbow-Sash demonstration."

    They will be handing out "rainbow pins" and no doubt making a nuisance of themselves.

    I have attempted to contact the Cathedral to alert them since there no doubt will be an attempt to receive communion while wearing their pins.

    They will be at the Basilica on October 17, a week after the original date stated, for a prayer service; not a Mass. The Basilica's bulletin may not have information that far out yet.

    The Basilica does have a ministry to the gay community and this prayer service is probably not the first ever held in the small St Joseph's Chapel, seating maybe 120, underneath the main church.

  3. What no Reiki healing?

    I hope this a joke but with SJA involved who can say? Could be legit.

  4. You know and some Catholics are going to think that massage is bad now because of the sodomites having it at their little shindig. I can just hear it now: *gasp* you're going to get a massage? The gays do that!

    Grumble. Light em up is what I say.
    JK, folks.


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