Monday, October 16, 2006

The conversion of Rod Dreher...

To Eastern Orthodoxy, that is:

[snip] "Rod candidly admits that his devotion to Christ was eclipsed by golden calves of his own making. These include:

All-consuming anger -- "I became so tormented over what had happened to those children at the hands of the Catholic clergy and hierarchy that I could see nothing else but pursuing justice. And my own pursuit of justice allowed me to turn wrath into an idol. I didn't know I was doing this at the time. . . . That is something that could happen to anybody, Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox or what have you. Be warned."

Politicized faith -- "I can look back also and see that my own intellectual pride helped me build a weak foundation for my faith. When I converted to Catholicism in 1992 . . . it was a sincere Christian conversion. But I also took on as my own all the cultural and intellectual trappings of the American Catholic right."

Churchcraft as a hobby -- "I had become the sort of Catholic who thought preoccupying himself with Church controversies and Church politics was the same thing as preoccupying himself with Christ. Me and my friends would go on for hours and hours about what was wrong with the Church, and everything we had to say was true. But if you keep on like that, it will have its effect."

Clericalism -- "Without quite realizing what was happening, I became a Professional Catholic, and got so caught up in identifying with the various controversies in the American church that I began to substitute that for an authentic spirituality. This is nobody's fault but my own. Part of that involved hero-worshipping Pope John Paul II, and despite having a healthy awareness of the sins and failings of various bishops, exaggerating the virtues of bishops my side deemed 'orthodox.'"[snip] -New Advent blog

I like the term "Churchcraft". Gosh I know a lot of people who all day get into that, and they get so angry...I better check the log in my own eye now.


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  2. Sorry- that was me- I thought you had the comment moderation thingy on so I checked it...

    This is big news in Catholic blogland- well, I don't know...

    Didn't Jesus say something about listening to the big guys- the ones in charge? To do as they say, & not as they do?

    It applies everywhere.

  3. You are soooooooooo right.
    I posted it as a good warning for the cerebral.

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  5. Once again..someone not making distinctions between good and healthy behavior and the bad. Juding the doctrine by the members of the Church.

    Sure everyone gets caught up in stuff..we're human. And someone has to do certain things. We're not ALL called to be pure contemplatives.

    Look at the the early Church fathers having debates about the divinity of Christ. What if they just sat back and said "Oh's so political anyways. I just need to live my faith and ignore everything else." Wrongo.

    Distinctions and critcal thinking are SOO necc. to our day and age. Too many people try to walk in some extreme.


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