Monday, October 09, 2006

1984, News-Speak, and the Gay Agenda.

Pictured, Rupaul with some other drags.

Surfing the net I came across the Zenit News item on how Christians are being arrested for speaking out against the homosexual lifestyle as being opposed to Christian teaching as well as deviant.

Now look at these men. If this looks normal, then pick up a gay publication - I see them all of the time at my Dr.'s office. Gay magazines are full of sex ads, bar ads, what have you - all very sexually explicit and provocative. Go to a gay pride day or a gay bar and witness the perversity for yourself. It is so not normal.

Maybe ask Chandler on "Friends" (I guess he's not real) how it was growing up with a drag queen for a dad? (By the way, Rupaul isn't married - pretty talented though - I loved his CD "Supermodel" - very good dance music - I threw it out when I realized he was a guy. Sorry - if you read my profile I like 'dance-trance' music too. Rave-on!)

Here is the piece off Zenit:

[snip] LONDON, OCT. 8, 2006 ( In many countries speaking out publicly against homosexuality leads to serious legal problems. And in the battle under way to protect freedom of speech for Christians to express their beliefs, the future is far from clear.

A recent victory in Britain saw legal charges against Stephen Green dropped, the Telegraph newspaper reported Sept. 29. Green was arrested by police in early September after handing out pamphlets at a "Mardi Gras" homosexual festival in Cardiff, Wales. The pamphlet contained Bible verses about homosexuality. During a hearing before a magistrate's court last week, the Crown Prosecution Service announced it would not proceed with charges. A Sept. 6 report in the Daily Mail newspaper quoted police as saying Green had not been violent or aggressive. His only offense was distributing the pamphlet. The article noted it was the latest in a series of police actions regarding opposition to homosexuality.

Writer Lynette Burrows was warned about a "homophobic incident" after she suggested on a BBC Radio Five Live program that homosexuals did not make ideal adoptive parents. A Christian couple in Lancashire were warned after they complained about their local council's policies in favor of homosexual rights. And police in London investigated Sir Iqbal Sacranie, a former leader of the Muslim Council of Britain, after he said in an interview that homosexuality was harmful. Police behavior regarding homosexuality was questioned by the Christian Institute in a press release dated Sept. 22.

While action against Green was pending, the group noted that the Gay Police Association will not be prosecuted for publishing an advertisement that accused Christians of violent assaults on homosexuals. More than 40,000 complaints by the public were made about the advertisement, according to the Christian Institute. [snip] Continue article on Zenit.

The whole Zenit story is kind of Orwellian, don't you agree? How did homosexuals get so much power? I still say - the attack is primarily upon Christianity, specifically the Roman Catholic Church, while the powers that be, civil libertarians, are simply using the gay community for their agenda. The goal, fantastic as it sounds, is to arrest the Pope for hate crimes - and that is not my imagination - other more prominent critics of the EU have said the same thing. Nevertheless, despite their apparent success in the short term, as happened in Nazi Germany, the gays will end up the losers, along with religious Jews and Christians. Sounds conspiratorial doesn't it? I think it kinda is. And there seems to be a bit of historical precedence - remember Hess with his 'Brown Shirts' and the 'Night of the Long Knives'. (What did you say Ms. Tanutta? "It could happen!")

Regardless, I wouldn't mind being arrested for my opposition. It would be a very interesting trial once I got on the stand.


  1. Yeah it would be!

    Sadly related, from Michelle:

  2. As a history buff, it is fascinating, watching England disintegrate before my very eyes. I don't want to see it, but I don't know that it can be stopped now.

    The establishement has adopted all rights, now existing or as may be thought of in the future, and has given enforcement power to those who can claim to be victims.

    The Anglican Church's structures will begin to be sold off as bed-and-breakfast inns to gay couples throughout the land. Stonehenge will become a private gay resort.

    I figure no later than ten years after the death of the Queen, the United Kingdom will have ceased to exist. And the larger cities will all be occupied by refugees from former colonies or their descendents.

    The Mau Mau Veterans Association is now suing for damages done to them in Kenya in the 50s and 60s. Other "Veterans Associations" won't be far behind them.

    I suspect we'll be seeing the Crown Jewels at Christies or Sothebys within 25 years.


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