Friday, September 29, 2006

Working on the Gift Catalog

Painting: Detail from "Milagro" by T. Nelson.

It's a "greeting card" style painting I did of the phenomena of people seeing images of Mary in water stained walls and other things - I like the patina.

I might be using a scumbled and diffused version in our gift catalog - as a page bckground.

I'm busy doing the catalog - so blogging will be light.


  1. Ronnie12:27 AM

    Cool . . . an intentional accidental resemblance to Our Lady! I like it, Terry. The soft colors are like marbelized paper, but my eyes were drawn right to the image's face and hands.

    Some natural phenomena really do look like like Jesus or Mary. But lots more look like bunnies, fish, ships, gnomes, hats, or snails and stuff. Don't see that on eBay though, do we?

    The colors of "Milagro" would make it a very nice background for the catalog pages. Also, it would be fun to find out if Leaflet Missal gets any calls from excited customers who see Our Lady behind the products being showcased!

  2. That's beautiful, Terry... do you think such things are actually mere random & coincidentally accidental optical illusions?

    He created the universe- I don't think an artistic smudge would be that difficult, although I'm not sure that He would bother. That said, look at the subject matter- His beloved daughter, mother, spouse... her appearance hither & yon on trees, walls, & various surfaces would be the equivalent of scribbling or carving your love's name all over the place- we do it, & we are made in His image.

    And He also might appreciate the hope & devotion it encourages-

    What do you think?

    And P.S: I think you have a lot of nerve doing your job rather than writing for us all day! :)

  3. Hi again, Mr. T...

    I'm hoping that my musings are properly respectful to our Lord-

    if they don't seem to be so, feel free to delete.



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