Saturday, September 23, 2006

"Usually one must go to a bowling alley to meet a woman of your stature." - John Gielgud, "Arthur"

The "Drive Time Divas" on 107 FM, Lori and Julia, daily at 3-6PM.

Yeah, I listen to the show - I discovered it by accident while driving home one night about a year ago. Lori sounded to me like the "Cat Lady" from a bit on KQ. I listened because it was like overhearing women's conversation in a powder room. I was curious - is that really what women talk about? (Men often want to know, since they usually can't figure out what they just said.) Sometimes it's pretty funny - LOL funny.

Niether woman is very intelligent - probably good business women, but they are not that bright. They continually mispronounce and misuse words, that are obviously "too big for them". Lori really does believe she is a diva, sort of a fashion expert. I don't know if it was Lori or Julia who sold shoes at Dayton's in Downtown St. Paul, always one of the "B" stores of the corporation. St. Paul has never been remarkable for many fashionable divas as far as I can remember. The girls are indeed very "St. Paul" so that could be another tag line for them after the John Gielgud quote. (Actually Lori is from the Duluth-Superior area - and she does like to bowl, in fact she is on a league.)

Anyway, last evening they were at "Uber Baby", a maternity store not far from my house in South Minneapolis. Lori said she was wearing a pregnant styrofoam stomach. The jokes came around to Halloween, she said she was going as a pregnant nun and Julia could be the priest who got her pregnant. The jokes got worse, as is usual. Lori's been married about 4 times before and obviously has been a pretty sexually active chick. Their conversation always devolves into the type of sexual conversation that one would be more apt to hear amongst adolescents in a locker room. I flip the station when it gets that bad. (The evening before Lori was talking about big cucumbers.)

Lori and Julia seem to be rather typical of some modern working women - not the executives, rather more the office types in their cubicals - or at least their large audience may be tempted to think they typify these types; they are pro-choice, pro-gay, pro-promiscuous, self absorbed, narcissistic - gosh, what else? Julia is the Catholic one, she went to St. Gregory's in St. Paul as a child, now however, I think she probably attends St. Ambrose in Woodbury. I'm fairly certain she does not know her faith all that well.

As you might have guessed, I'm growing weary of their mindless banter...but I'll be back now and again for a laugh on the drive home.


  1. Anonymous10:01 PM


    I went to school with Julia who was known as Julia in school. She was a loud person back then. These two women do not make a good statement about Minnesota. They lack talent.


    Katie from St. Paul

  2. Thanks agai for the comment.
    They not only lack talent but any meaningful content as well.

  3. Therese7:30 AM

    I have heard their show on and off and now permenantly off--they get worse and worse. It seemed when I first listened--once in a while in bits and pieces they highlighted a lot of small business's women ran etc. and now it is just sex and gross...especially knowing how OLD these gal's are--it is embarrassing. They should be beyond the garbage they talk about. It is painful as a woman to know there are women like this out there and the fact that they are not embarrassed by themselves is scary--who listens to them seriously? From the callers, it seems a lot of women do, which makes me shudder.
    It seems there is never a normal representation of women in the local media...they are either immature and sex obsessed or so folky homey...dripping sweetness and light--no one can bear that either.

  4. Therese - you are so correct - my thoughts exactly.


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