Monday, September 25, 2006

Too funny!

Liza Minnelli - LOL!

I don't believe there has been anyone more amusing since Tammy Faye Baker.

The judge in the civil case brought against Liza by her soon to be ex-husband David Gest, with his claims of spousal abuse - naming Minnelli as the perpetrator, has now ruled in Liza's favor. He threw the case out. The divorce may now proceed.

Michael Jackson introduced the two, and he and Elizabeth Taylor were maids of honor at their wedding. It so should be made into a movie or something.

Go here if you're at all interested.


  1. Terry-

    Off topic-

    Today is Mark Hamill's birthday, which I only heard a little while ago...

    then I saw this:

    & I remembered what I told you about who I look like:)

  2. Hi again Terry,

    I didn't realize that you had the comment moderation thingy on...

    Well then, I trust you not to post this, 'cause I'm signing my real name-

    Paige Cody aka "rhapsody"

    Nice to meet you:)

  3. Rhapsody - I love that picture. And thanks for letting me in on that bit of info! No wonder your blog is such a page turner! :)
    CM is up because I got a couple of comments from a porno guy due to my recent subject matter - it's not something I'd like folks to be able to link to.


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