Thursday, September 14, 2006


My friend sent me a collection of photos of some fashion models. Rather thin models. Recently Spain has set up rules governing how thin the runway models may be for the fashion houses. Here is the article:

Sept. 10, 2006 — The organizers of Spain's fashion week in Madrid are rocking the fashion world after saying the standard for runway models is too skinny. Now, to walk on the Spanish catwalk, a model who is 5-feet-9-inches tall has to weigh at least 123 pounds.

In fashion centers such as New York, Paris and Milan, models have to be more than just thin to land on top runways. They have to be super thin. The average runway model is 5-feet-9-inches tall, and weighs just 110 pounds. [snip] Read more, link.

Interesting that Spain is so concerned about how skinny models are, yet approves gay marriage and abortion. (It is an in-trade decision - not legislative, yet it still shows the misplaced concerns of modern thought. Granted it is important to help women such as these, but the other blatant immorality endorsed by the West causes this voluntary starvation for money and fame to seem insignificant by comparison. Nevertheless, women subject themselves to all of this.)

When a woman is as thin as these women, fertlity is usually no longer an issue...


  1. Not criticizing you for publishing these, but -- these are almost obscene! Am I the only one who thought, "Auschwitz"?

    Is there no one around these women to say, "Stop!" and "No, I won't enable this, sorry. Go get help; go eat!"?

    Do these things appear in magazines? I mean, mainstream magazines?

    This is repulsive -- the images, and the realization of all the complicity in this . . .

  2. I actually think the trend is reversing itself. I do know runway is much different than print modelling - these things may have been in print in the heroin chic period not too long ago. The pictures I used are the most publishable I could post - the others were very much more concentration camp.
    However, the industry standards are still extreme - it's all about the clothes and not the person.

  3. just me8:53 PM

    I can't believe that anybody with a little bit of taste would think that they look good. I can't believe that men may find these women attractive, either. What size do they wear, OO?

  4. Just me - I miss you!
    Men don't find these women attrative - gay designers may - but they are simply mannequins for their designs.

  5. When you say it is "all about the clothes" I have the impression from the photos that I have seen over the years that no remotely normal person would ever wear anything displayed on a fashion runway.

    And somehting that might look good on a size 4 model might not on an size 8 or 10 or larger person.

    Just how do these clothing designers make money? Especially in a world of "knock-offs."

    Colors, fabrics, accessories?

  6. I think these high profile shows are about "concept" clothes and getting attention, not about real clothes people really wear. Sort of like the car shows that have concept cars, only less tethered to reality.

    I noticed, on another thread, a reference to models having to be pretty. If I may so, few of these models, even when not starving, are "pretty." They are usually Valkrie-scary.

  7. Father Fox is right...the runway is NOT about selling clothing--it's about display for the designers. All the runway models are ARE mannequins. They are not meant to resemble real people, but only to serve as moving robots to display the artistic concepts of various designers, who go on to market real clothing to sell to celebrities, who in turn wear them for the Grammy awards, which is an obscenity in itself.

    Father, you nailed it.

  8. Oh my Gosh, this is disgusting! I feel either the designers need an exorcism, who in their right mind would allow people sick like this to go out on a runway show?


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