Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sunday supplement on modest fashions...

There are modest fashions available. Check the web. A woman can find modest fashions that do not look like Pollyanna or some gypsy fortune teller. I found them.

1st photo: Ralph Lauren, Spring 2006

But if someone is serious about modest fashions, go into design. Study fashion design - go to school. Educate your taste. Go back to the earlier designers; Chanel, Balenciaga, Dior, Givenchy, Blass, and research what was classic in their designs and update it. Fashion is nothing but older looks updated and recycled. Be creative. What I have seen on modesty fashion sites is awful.

I have some photos here of modest fashions. Is the skirt too short? Lengthen it. The neckline too low? Wear a shell or a scarf. There is nothing wrong with these clothes. The mistake many women and girls make is they go after trend instead of classics - or sometimes worse, they go after "cute" - only babies and little kids are cute. There is no reason to look dowdy. If you don't have taste, get advice. If you can't afford designer, learn to sew. But don't dress like a frump.

2nd photo: Ralph Laren, Fall 2006

Could she be any more covered?

3rd photo: Ralph Lauren, Fall 2006

What could be more modest except maybe a burka?

4th photo: Balenciaga, Spring 2006.

This dress is modest, simple,
clean, no silly frillies.
(Lengthen the skirt if it's too short.)

There are indeed modest styles out there - search the web. Granted, the above examples may be for women instead of girls, but they are examples. Ray, of Stella Borealis found this site from Regnum Christi - not exactly high fashion, but it's contemporary, and as I told him, it doesn't look like "Little House On The Prairie".

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