Sunday, September 03, 2006

Postcards from the edge...

Or, peace and justice slick.

Pictures of the 25th Anniversary celebrations at Pax Christi, Eden Praire, Minnesota.

Another so-called, dissident parish?

Altar girls? Nothing wrong with that. The costumes seem to be inspired by ancient Rome's Vestal Virgins attire - which after all, is liturgical.

The Archbishop as main celebrant for the event. The deacon is actually behind him - but who is the old Vestal Virgin?

Pat Kennedy is the pastor and Bill Murtaugh is the assistant - both were assigned to St. Joan of Arc at one time. SJA is not the only parish in the area that plays at it's own version of Catholic Church. PC is pretty slick however and has a nice website.


  1. Thanks Terry- for the information,

    & explanation...

    it's an education!

  2. cynthia8:47 PM

    When I was young, women were not allowed to wear sleeveless dresses or blouses in church.

  3. Lady Fett7:34 PM

    Cynthia: And they still shouldn't. Modesty does not change with the times. Sleeveless shirts are for the beach..not Church.

  4. Women weren't allowed passed the Altar rail. Why on earth would someone want girl altar boys is beyond my comprehension. It is nowhere near anything liturgically traditional and is not from the Holy Ghost, that I will die saying to my grave.


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