Sunday, September 17, 2006

My Space - or is it?

A note of caution to bloggers.

We all know about and how predators prey on unsuspecting kids. What about adults?

I have a friend, not religious at all, who responded to an ad for a horoscope. (Why? I have no idea - but people do look for spirituality in the strangest places.) He of course had to give out his birthday, place of birth, full name and current address. He did. Now he is being billed for multiple readings that he never requested and is fighting it out with a collection agency. Nevertheless, he gave out very personal information - information that could easily lead to identity theft.

I also got an email from a suspicious person - with whom I am only acquainted - in the form of a 'meme'. Bloggers know all about this stuff, right? This particular 'meme' wanted to know things like, "Name five places you have lived before this address." Along with other leading questions. A red flag went up. What if this person was trying to get personal information about me, or worse, trying to steal my identity? (Lest I sound totally nuts I should explain this person in question has a reputation of dishonesty - or so I am told. He also does not blog - he sent the 'meme' via email. It was wierd.)

I thought about my blogging as well as my profile on the blog - do I reveal too much? (I might sometimes about others.)

Perhaps it is paranoid to worry about such things, yet in our day and age, one cannot be too careful. I think it best to err on the side of caution- or at least be aware. Be careful about how much personal information you give away, there may be an identity thief lurking. I'm told all it takes is a full name, birth date, and current or past address.


  1. Thanks for the reminder, Terry.

  2. Hey, Terry, on a totally unrelated note: Congratulations on being the NCReg's Monthly Blog Pick!

  3. I am? How do you know that?

  4. In the Arts & Culture section in the Culture of Life pull-out of the National Catholic Register for the week of September 10th-16th, Erich Scheske has selected you as his Monthly Blog Pick. The other selections are the 10 best priestly blogs. Fr. Z is #2, Frs. Tharp and Hamilton at Catholic Ragemonkey are #1.

    Both of your blogs were mentioned.

    I'm happy to send my copy in c/o you to the store if you have not seen it. Let me know...

  5. Congratulations, Terry!


  6. Thanks Rhapsody - I owe it all to you - you found me first.

  7. :)


    You mentioned that before- I didn't realize- but I do remember it was right around Lent- I think I left a comment on the first page of Leaflet Missal saying your blog was really great- but I gave up blogging for Lent- & I kept praying you'd stick around.

    If you had disappeared, I would have called customer service & complained...



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