Thursday, September 21, 2006

Let It Be

My all time favorite album, the anthem for my life, as it were - Abbey Road - hence the name of the blog. If you ever saw my painting of the same title and understood it with the 'soundtrack' of Abbey Road - you would pretty much know me. Although you would also have to include cuts from other albums, such as Let It Be to understand it all. On second thought - you would be really confused.

At any rate, I am so busy at work that I'm not able to devote much time to blogging. I'm also in a "so what?" kind of mood. Hence "let it be" comes to mind. I'm on a break, so blogging will be light.

However, I'm having fun digging up stuff for our "Faithful Facts" spot on our new website at work. We need a new name for it because it will be more than just facts. Plus the new blog for Leaflet needs some design and I don't know if our experts know that. The 'Facts' page should be good though - if they download it correctly.

Two people at work had comments about the Brother Roger post - they don't understand why things developed as they did in his life while no one bothered to clarify his union with the Church. I thought, why does everything have to be a controversy? "So what?" I said. "Let it be."

I'm kind of burnt.


  1. Don Marco10:27 PM

    Dear Terry, I wondered where you have been! I have missed you. I'm sure that you know the Caravaggio that so inspired me today. Isn't it a marvel? Thinking of you.

  2. Missed you too...

    & lay off the smokes!


  3. Controversy can be a hard task master. Sometimes you not only have to choose your battles, but your skirmishes within them. Fighting all the time - or reading about it - was burning us out too. Relax. Renew.

  4. Yeah I guess we should just let heresy and scandal "be" eh? Maybe we should just turn a blind eye to Judas too and make him the patron saint of depressed people...oh wait..people are already doing that. My bad. Come on, people. These things need to be addressed. If the Pope won't do it someone else has to. The little ones are being lost all the time because of this crap.


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