Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Devil on my shoulder?

Pictured: Botero - "Self-Portrait On My First Communion Day."

I was told that I probably had the devil on my shoulder when I wrote critically about the dress company selling modest dresses. The now unnamed website feels their clothes are fashionable, yet modest, for girls. I've been told numerous times the post was not nice. (Check out "Fashion Week...") The fellow who showed the line to me also said he wished he had not. So do I.

A few days ago I was told I'm going to purgatory for thousands of years for the Warhol post. Others say hell.

So let them sell "Little House on the Prairie" fashions - if they believe in it, how does my opinion count? So what?

I also covered the woman's breast on the Warhol photo for that post.

Inquisition anyone?


  1. Terry: I've been out of town for a few days so I'm just catching up on your latest foray into the furnace of public opinion. You are a man with little fear. I love it!

    Anyway, I'm with you. Those smocks have to go. They are ugly and they look terrible with a chapel veil.

    With a little effort, well placed scarves or shawls, a sweater, or a jacket and a needle and thread you can make a nice looking outfit modest. Ralph Lauren has a lot of very nice modest clothes but they are out of many folks spending limits.

    I guess it's true that not too many women sew anymore but it is possible to buy beautifully modest clothing patterns and you can pick your own fabrics!

  2. Thanks Cathy - I just posted designer stuff as an example. Knock-offs always follow their runway stuff.

    It used to be that French women and men 'invested' in designer clothing and knew how to mix classic clothes and wear them much longer, avoiding over-filled closets of trend clothing. I think the French still do this.

    Americans seem to buy trend, rather than quality.

  3. Okay...the dress pictured was not a smock. Hello? Are you looking at the same dress? It's for young girls, people. Young girls don't need to be wearing trendy French clothing. Who cares if your clothes don't match your chapel veil! What the heck? Mass isn't a fashion show! Oh but oops..one more product of Vatican II..everything is about me and how I look at Mass and what the neighbors think. Get over it. People are going to think you're weird for being Catholic. So what if they don't like you because of your clothes. You think that's going to fly with Jesus? When they stand there in judgement and say, "Oh well I would've converted to the Catholic faith but Lord, did you see those outfits? I just couldn't accept your doctrine because of their clothing." Yeah..

  4. Juan T.4:47 AM

    I think Fasting makes decisions regarding modesty and decency clear. Fasting together with prayer and works of charity. Anything else is a bunch of opinions filled with error.

    Let's get an expert in on the Modesty thing. How about Lucia of Fatima?

    Lucia on Modesty


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