Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Who would you want?

To play your part in a movie about your life?

That Karr guy freak (The Jon Bennet Ramsey suspect, now proven a psycho.) wants Johnny Dep to play his part.

So I thought - who would I want?

Who else? Jon Lovitz! Oh! The drama!

If you know me, take a shot. Who could play my part? Or, just post who you would want to play your part. (No one reads this blog, so there will not be many entries - to my own embarrassment.)


  1. Lady Fett8:16 PM

    Hmm..who would play me in a movie. Easy..Sigourney Weaver like she was in "Aliens" Yeah..tough and yet feminine!

    Now who would play Terry bear..hmmm... the short, chubby guy from "Seinfeld" ..George! LOL

  2. someone who knows you8:17 PM

    I always thought Hugh Grant would be a good actor to play your part.

  3. Anonymous8:18 PM

    No..the guy from "Cheers"..the mail man guy!

  4. another person who knows you8:29 PM

    Charles Nelson Riley - he's dead now - but if he wasn't I would cast him.

  5. Did Charles Nelson Reilly die? I love that guy!

    This post got me thinking about another recent movie depicting real people in difficult circumstances- Oliver Stone did an excellent job.

    Jesus was portrayed also- although I don't know who played His part...?

  6. Steve Karel - the guy from the Office - he is already playing your role.

  7. Anonymous4:17 PM

    Sorry - Charles Nelson Riley is not dead - although his career seems to be.

  8. Someone who knows me said Carrie Fisher.

  9. Hello Rhapsody ~~ Thank you for your comments and I am glad that you enjoy the posts. Take care, Merle.

  10. Someone who really knows you6:15 PM

    John Clease- in his character from "Faulty Towers".

  11. carol4:14 PM

    Terry Thomas the British actor.


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