Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Unlikely pro-life spokeswoman...

Sharon Osborne against abortion?

My friend Shayne, who does what I can only call a "News Blog" - I used to call it a wyrd news blog because he does wierd news, often dealing with aberrations in the homosexual subculture - gosh - how oxymoronic is that? Anyway, he finds good "sound bites" of information sometimes - although rarely editorializing the topic.

He currently has a post on Sharon Osborne talking about an abortion she had when she was seventeen. She presents as one surprisingly pro-life. I say suprisingly since she is Ozzie's wife and surely did not come off that way in their reality TV show. Nevertheless, in interviews I found her very genuine and quite level headed. I like her. I like her even more for her candor about her abortion. Let's pray for her.

Check out Shayne's post.

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  1. How horrible for her- what a terrible ordeal- she was a kid.

    & some want to lower the age of consent? What kind of protection would kids have against predators?

    And the fact that our tax dollars are used for an education system that says that kids are "going to do it anyway," thereby (supposedly justifying) demonstrating & distributing products that ADULTS technically shouldn't be using, is unbelievable. It's like saying, well, teens are going to shoplift anyway, so let's hone their techniques... in other words, not only does it not make sense, it is mind-bogglingly sinful!

    & I also find it insulting to teenagers to make such assumptions.


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