Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Speaking of witches...

Witch and her prey.

Women's beauty treatment news continued... (with a little commentary.)

So on Monday I posted about women in the UK using stem cells from umbilical cords as a fountain of youth injection. Someone commented to that post asking what was wrong with that since no one died to provide the stem cells. I directed that person to read the entire article that explained these stem cells were harvested from aborted infants - and not just their umbilical cords. Here is more news on the subject (See, I don't just do breaking news, I do developing news as well - I'm very Jon Lovitz about this stuff.) Read on please, and do take in the entire article(s):

"London, England: Women from around the world are traveling to clinics in various locations that are now offering face lifts and cosmetic surgery using tissue from babies who have been killed by abortions. Pro-life advocates are strongly condemning the practice and saying the taking of human life is never warranted -- especially for such a self-serving purpose." [snip] - Life News.Com


"While the Daily Mail misrepresents the nature of the stem cell debate, a US group has found the real barbarism. Concerned Women for America has discovered that the practice of abortion being used to provide tissue for beauty treatments in such exclusive clinics is widespread. Concerned Women for America says that poor women are being paid up to $200 dollars to have their unborn children killed between 8 and 12 weeks gestation when the foetuses are “harvested” for their stem cells, which are then sold to exclusive cosmetic clinics.

Dr. Janice Shaw Crouse, Senior Fellow of CWA’s Beverly LaHaye Institute, said “It is hard to believe that such atrocities are going on today. These exclusive and exorbitant treatments are available in such varied locales as Barbados, Moscow, Dominican Republic and in Rotterdam.” “Not only is the origin of the foetuses immoral and inhumane; there are medical problems and complications associated with the injections. This savage and repulsive ‘brave new world’ of human sacrifices in the quest for eternal youth is a prime example of the end results when all moral boundaries are destroyed,” Crouse continued."
[snip] - LifeSite News


Anyway - what's the big deal with women and beauty? Granted some need make up - but why don't men need it and women do - oh yeah, and some metrosexuals and drag queens use it as well. Did you ever stop and figure out how much women spend on cosmetics and beauty products and clothes? It's not just cosmetic surgery, but revitalift stuff to ease away wrinkles and puffiness, along with creams and balms that do absolutely nothing, but they do "believe in magic". Then there is all the make-up, hair color and hi-lights, diets, weight loss clubs, manicures and pedicures. Don't forget waxing - especially the bikini waxing - believe it or not there is even a bleaching for an area...I listen to Lori and Julia on FM107, so I get to keep up on all the chick crap. (I have to say I like eye make-up on women though; smoky, sexy shadow, eye liner, mascara - hey, now they can get individual lashes - they're lash extensions - very hot. Sorry - I digress!)

How many shoes does your wife, girlfriend, mother or sister have? Those barely there shoes that cost way more than any guy can fathom. Women 'shop 'till they drop', as that horrid cliche proves. So they get a boob lift or reduction or expansion, whatever, for those barely there tops they wear. Tight, tight tops. Tight, tight jeans, low, lowcut dresses. Accessories and jewelry - don't get me started. With all the money women spend on beauty they could probably eliminate poverty in the world, find a cure for breast cancer with their own money, and still be able to look pretty. Some women have way too much money. Sad thing is, they drive much of the economy - maybe that's why the U.S. is on the verge of bankruptcy - more than a few live on credit cards.

Disclaimer: I'm not talking about all women here - but quite a few...mostly wealthy women who may seek to use the treatment the article exposes. Then there are those who earn a great deal of expendable income, or even those who simply live on credit. Their pursuit of beauty may incline them along the same lines. The fashion and cosmetic industry, now joined by the cosmetic surgical industry, is probably one of the greatest exploiters of women in the world today. News people like Elizabeth Vargas of ABC television admits that she knows it's all vanity and the products do little if anything to make a person more youthful or beautiful, yet she still purchases them. It makes her feel good. Now some women will be using aborted babies' stem cells so they can feel good about themselves. It's the point of this post.


  1. I am Woman! Roar!7:58 PM

    I don't wear makeup or any of the "bimbo wear" you mentioned. Women are different from men and have different needs...some of them are cosmetic and emotional. A man could never really understand this. It's not just about the makeup/clothes/products etc, it's about how she feels about herself. Sure you could say, "Well using that stuff doesn't make you a better person." True. But she feels like a better, more put together person when using them. And yes, feelings are important to women and they aren't always wrong. (directs a glare to any traddie men whining about women and silly emotions.) Ahem. Anyways. What about men? Look at all the crap they spend money on. The latest tools, the newest hardware, the best TV set, the awesome car/truck, hunting crap and all the gear that goes with that. The point is BOTH sexes waste a lot of money. Why are women usually singled out and told how frivolous their stuff is but men's stuff is totally legitimate and necc? Bogus. I'm no feminazi but neither will I sit by while other women are belittled and told how silly they are for wanting to look presentable. In some trad circles it's kind of a double standard. On the one hand, they want women to dress up for Mass and look nice and not like a frump or homebody. (Listen to any of them go on about the evil of jumpers!) But then they say how silly women are for wanting things like new shoes, makeup, hair and skin products! Make up your minds would ya. Vanity is an evil and certainly killing babies to provide women OR men with said products is way wrong. However, let's not imply that women are stupid,vain and frivolous because they buy cosmetics kay?

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