Saturday, August 05, 2006

Lighter Blogs

Fun Family Entertainment! (Photo from "Serial Mom" - I love that movie - tomorrow morning - call a neighbor!)

Here's a quip from the Daily Eudenom:

From Jay Leno's monologue:

"You know I keep hearing and reading regarding the Mel Gibson story that they know that Mel meant what he said because alcohol is a truth serum. Keep hearing this over and over. Alcohol is a truth serum. Really? Since when? Women, when’s the last time you met a guy in a bar drinking heavily and he told you the truth? “Married? No, I’ve never been married. Kids? I don’t have any kids?”"

Everything Eric writes has a lighter take, it's a witty and intelligent blog. Very good stuff! Such a relief from all the dark, serious stuff I tend to post.


  1. Colleen11:03 PM

    Hey Terry, my sister Kathy was Mrs. Betty Sterner, in Serial Mom - I hated the show:-/ although I think my sister did a good job of acting in it...

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