Monday, August 07, 2006

Fairy tales can come true...

It can happen to you
when you're young...

Yeah but what happens when you're getting old and ugly?

Remember the mean old, ugly witches from the fairy tales? Some ate the kids, others, like the one in Hansel and Gretel, and the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood probably wanted to abuse them first. Welcome back the dark ages where legend becomes reality.

Women, in their desperate need to remain beautiful apparently will go to any length to maintain their youthful look. These updated "witches" now have available to them a new potion for the fountain of youth, it's a medical injection to make them look younger. It is derived from foetuses -not just umbilical cords - human babies' stem cells, and they don't care.

A barbaric kind of beauty...

"Women are now using foetuses imported from impoverished III World countries."

"Clutching her Hermes holiday bag under her arm, Susan Barrington, a 52-year-old housewife from Buckinghamshire, can't help smiling as she leaves the exclusive clinic in London's Wimpole Street. She has been given the final go-ahead to travel abroad for a cutting edge nonsurgical treatment that promises to make her look ten years younger.

She doesn't care if the treatment is expensive, involves babies and is so controversial that it is not allowed to be performed in this country - among her well-heeled friends, this is the ultimate new elixir of youth. The attractive brunette has opted for a controversial stem- cell therapy where umbilical cord tissue from new-born babies will be injected into her body.

It may seem distasteful, but thousands of women have already done it and it is organised by a seemingly respectable British clinic then carried out in Rotterdam, Holland, where rules regarding stemcell therapies are not so strict. [snip] - Daily Mail

Ah, vain rejoicing in natural grace and beauty, that merits an eternal hell.


  1. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Besides the obvious vanity problems, what is the problem with using umbilical cord stem cells? I presume no one has to die from umbilical cord stem cell extraction.

  2. If you read the entire article I link to, the fetal tissue used is not just from unbilical cords, they are also using aborted babies' fetal tissue that is not simply umbilical cord tissue. There has been a great deal of controversy over stem cell research using embryonic tissue from frozen embryos and aborted foetuses. This procedure and the financial venture to serve women (who have too much money) and their vanity is now in the business of harvesting human flesh for this purpose. Read the entire article and related story.
    Even if they were simply using umbilical cords, the push for the use of embyonic stem cells for other medical research would eventually favor this new industry.


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