Thursday, August 31, 2006

Bishop Aquila...

Now that Bishop Aquila has nothing to do and Benedict XVI will soon return from Castel Gondolfo, are we finally going to have the confirmation that Bishop Aquila is Minneapolis/St. Paul's new coadjutor?

(I just love Donna Summer's "Rumor Has It" from her "Once Upon A Time" disco hit album. It was so great to dance to. "Duh-ta, duh-ta, duh-ta, duh-ta....rumor has it all around the town..." I'll have to play it tonite.)


  1. I promised I wouldn't get into this, but I'm bored - and willing to stick my neck out. So sue me.

    Want another rumor? Archbishop Flynn is supposedly going to Mejugorje this fall. See - I'm bored.

  2. the cafeteria is so closed!7:06 PM

    Thanks Ray for initiating the fall games!


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