Thursday, July 20, 2006

Sex and the single girl...

Girls just want to have fun - so do boys!

So my earlier post, "The low spark of low rise pants" about chastity and boys didn't impress anyone much. Maybe it was too frank, maybe no one cares. However I think that I am not the only Christian that finds a problem with youthful moral standards, read on:

What is happening with our teens? According to researchers at Yale and Columbia University teens pledging virginity until marriage are just as likely to have STDs as their peers. The reason for this is “technical virginity,” a loophole found by an increasing number of teen girls which allows them to do “everything but” intercourse and still claim virginity. This reasoning is insidiously attacking the bodies and minds of our young people, and is re-enforced through today’s popular celebrities." [snip] Haley DiMarco, "The New Promiscuous"

"And I just want to have a good time!" from 'Runaway' - Janet Jackson

So, what have I been saying...hello! Anyone out there listening?


  1. I see a very large problem with the sexualizing of teens. I teach a confirmation class and showed the students a video on chastity. They thought it was funny and didn't see a problem with their behavior. I think the whole thing stems from our generation.. if it feels good do it. Allot of Catholics are no different then the rest of society. We are suppose to be different and a light in the world. But even allot of adults don't want to be. I'm looked at as weird because I believe in the respect and dignity of the human person. I'm told they know what they are getting into no one makes them do it so don't worry about it.

  2. Terry, I'm not sure how you conclude that your previous post "didn't impress anyone much"---the comments box suggests otherwise!

    I see Satan making big advances in destroying souls, aided by a materialist, relativist, affluent culture that is bored with life and looking for thrills. This reminds me of an interview of Fr. Dubay (an excellent and insightful writer!) I heard on the radio, discussing his new book on beauty (unfortunately, I'm not sure of the exact title but it might be "The Evidentiary Power of Beauty" or something along those lines). In this interview, he related an encounter with a group of teens he had passed by while walking on the sea shore: he couldn't help but note the bored, dull look in their eyes: they had seen it all and were bored with life. No notice of the beauty of the ocean, the sky, the shore---nothing. Anyway, our culture is truly poisoning our kids. We care more about our bodily health (in some areas, that is---don't you dare smoke!!)than in our spiritual health, and allow ourselves and our children to soak in cultural influences that are the equivalent, in bodily health, of jogging behind a truck spewing noxious chemicals. I'm afraid I don't have an answer, except that Catholic parents need to be serious Catholic parents and equip their kids to deal with this stuff. Going to a good Catholic school is a start if it's available (Holy Family is good; I hear good things about St. Agnes), or go the home-scool route. And we need to be well-educated in our own faith in order to pass it on to our kids. I think the Theology of the Body is a weapon against the sexualizing of persons, children and adult: we need to be familiar with it. And frankly, we need to show some backbone: we ought not to ever patronize businesses that sexualize kids (Abercrombie and Fitch again, but also Levi and others). It's too easy for parents to give up and let the kids buy what they want.


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